Why Glass Partitions Are Perfect For The Home, Not Just The Office

Offices across the UK make excellent use of glass partitions, dividing up the workspace without compromising on light levels or style. Those same qualities could prove highly beneficial in a residential property but few people give glass partitions much thought when planning their interior decor. At Glass & Stainless, we’d like to see that change. Here’s why glass partitions are perfect for the home, not just the office.

Why Glass Partitions Are Perfect For The Home, Not Just The Office

Improved Lighting

Arguably the most obvious advantage of using a glass partition instead of a wall is that its transparent nature still allows light to flood between two spaces. This means that you still retain the light and airy sensation of an open plan space which is so sought-after in modern homes. Allowing natural light to reach deeper areas of your home has the added bonus of reducing your reliance on artificial light. Not only will your electricity bill drop, but studies have shown that your mental health may also benefit. Glass partitions allow office workers to enjoy natural light while they work, even if they aren’t sat by a window

Greater Privacy

When it comes to privacy, you might think that a glass partition isn’t up to the job. You’d be wrong. Glass partitions don’t necessarily have to be completely transparent. Frosted or satin glass can be used instead. These types of glass are still translucent so light can continue to pass through, illuminating the space beyond.

If you would like the option to switch between a transparent and translucent partition, you could choose to use electric privacy glass. You might alternatively see this referred to as intelligent, smart or switchable glass. With just the flick of a switch, an electrical current is passed through a liquid crystal film layer within the partition. The electricity excites the molecules and forces them to change their alignment so that they all line up. Incident light is then able to pass through the uniform gaps, creating a transparent surface. Turn the electricity off and the molecules will back into a more random, increasing the opacity and giving you the privacy you’re looking for.

As an added bonus, electric privacy glass can also provide you with greater control over the room temperature. If the sun is shining and the room is getting uncomfortably hot, you simple needed to switch the transparent glass to translucent.

A Bit Of Peace And Quiet

Open plan living certainly has its advantages, but sometimes we all just want to take a moment to ourselves. A glass partition allows you to create a light-filled space from which you can still see other areas of the home but not hear or smell them. An excellent use of a glass partition in the home would be to divide a dining area from the kitchen. That way, you can have guests around for dinner without subjecting them to the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen.

At Glass & Stainless, we completely understand why glass partitions are perfect for the home, not just the office. Get in touch today to discuss how a glass partition could be used to excellent effect in your home.