Why Glass Canopies Are Stylish But Practical

Glass canopies are stylish yet practical architectural features that can be used to excellent effect on both residential and commercial buildings. The incredibly versatile nature of glass means that such canopies can be installed on a wide range of buildings of differing architectural styles, from historic listed buildings to ultra-modern office blocks and apartments. Glass is the sort of material that can complement a building rather than pull focus. Of course, if you would like your glass canopy to become a real feature of the building, that can easily be done through bold design choices.

Protect People From The Weather

Obviously, the primary purpose of a canopy is to provide shelter to anyone stood underneath. As a material, glass is more than up for this task. At the same time that it provides protection, it doesn’t leave you feeling closed off from the outside world. For example, if you like to pop outside for a bit of fresh air on a hot summer’s day but forget to put sunscreen on and would like to avoid being burnt, a glass canopy could be the answer.

Create An Impression

Glass canopies are a brilliant and instant way to impress any visitors to your home or office. Consider the alternatives, porches or awnings made from cloth, plastic or wood. Glass is a far more stylish material that is also eminently practical.

For starters, its transparent nature ensure that natural light is able to pass through the canopy and help keep the areas below well-lit, without having to rely on expensive artificial lighting. A light and airy entranceway is great for making a positive impression on visitors as they aren’t left waiting in the dark whilst you make your way over to let them in the build. You can even benefit yourselves. We’ve all been there, rummaging around in a bag to find the door keys. With a transparent glass canopy, that task is made a little easier.

If you really want to make an impact, why not choose a more unusual type of glass? Brightly coloured glass is certainly eye-catching, and there is a wide range of shades to choose from. You could choose one that closely matches any brand colours, to help personalise the building to your own organisation.

To reduce the amount of light that is able to pass through the glass canopy, you could choose to a type of translucent glass, such as frosted or satin glass.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Durable might not be the word that springs to mind when you think of glass, but it certainly is! Toughened glass is far stronger than your everyday annealed glass but remains relatively lightweight compared to other materials. It can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including the weight of accumulated snow, powerful winds, hard frosts and strong direct sunlight.

Furthermore, a glass canopy won’t degrade over time. We would recommend using stainless steel fittings in combination with the glass as it is also resistant to rust. The combination of the two materials are easy to maintain and clean.

Glass & Stainless can design, produce and install a glass canopy exactly to your design and specification. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch today.