Why Choose A Tempered Glass Tabletop?

Glass is the perfect material for anyone looking to create a striking, modern atmosphere with clean edges. However, many people are reluctant to use glass in their homes and offices due to safety concerns. Thankfully, a tempered glass tabletop can help alleviate these worries.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a common form of safety glass, renowned for its impressive physical and chemical strength. Also known as toughened glass, it is approximately four times stronger than normal annealed glass. This strength is achieved through either a thermal or chemical treatment.

In the thermal method, the glass is heated to over 600OC before being ‘quenched’. This simply means that the glass is quickly cooled in a high-pressure environment. With air being blasted uniformly onto the outer surface of the glass, it cools noticeably quicker than the interior. As the two areas cool at differing rates, they try and pull away from each other and stress develops within the layers of glass.

Alternatively, the chemical method, ion exchange, can be used. A more expensive option, this process involves submerging the glass in a chemical bath. Smaller ions on the outer surface of the glass are exchanged with larger ones, which must squeeze to fit into the same space. This creates compression with the uppermost layer, resulting in the desired internal stresses. The chemical method can be applied to much thinner panes of glass than the thermal method.

Arguably, the greatest benefit of tempered glass is its behaviour once broken. Rather than shatter into several large jagged pieces, the unique structure and stresses within tempered glass ensure that it breaks into smaller, rounder pieces. These are pretty harmless and far less likely to injure anyone. For this reason, it is regularly used in car windows, shower doors, wall partitions. Mobile phone screens, shopfronts, furniture and many more.

Why choose a tempered glass tabletop?

Whether in the office or at home, glass tables can come under a lot of stress. People put their feet on them, slam down coffee cups, pile them high with heavy books and a multitude of other activities. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that can definitely handle the strain, look no further than a tempered glass tabletop.

The innate safety features of a tempered glass tabletop make it perfect for regular use. Should an accident occur and the table smash, no one should be seriously injured. This type of glass is so sturdy that it is suitable for outdoor use.

At Glass and Stainless, we can create a made to measure glass tabletop that perfectly fits your space. No matter how awkward the shape, we can cut perfectly to your design, including cut out areas. We can also add additional etched detailing should you require it.

If you want to turn your tempered glass tabletop into a central design feature, you could choose a tinted option. The intensity of the colour varies in accordance with the thickness of the glass. The thicker the glass, the denser the colour pigments and so the more intense the effect. Popular colours include blue, green and grey.

All of our bespoke glass work meets UK safety regulations and can be installed on your behalf.

Glass and Stainless have the creativity, technical knowledge and experience to craft you the perfect tempered glass tabletop. Contact us today to discuss your specification.