What Is Intelligent Glass Used For?

Intelligent or smart glass, has the unique ability to change its opacity at the flick of a switch. When an electric current is applied to the glass, the molecules within the liquid crystal film align with each other and the glass is transparent. Turn off the electrical current, however, and the molecules become disorganised, preventing some of the light from passing through and giving an opaque finish. This specialist form of laminated glass offers the perfect balance between allowing light into a room and retaining privacy. But what is intelligent glass used for?

Intelligent glass is primarily used in situations where privacy or the element of surprise are required. However, it does provide additional benefits. If a room becomes noticeably hot in direct sunlight, intelligent glass can be used in place of blinds to help reduce and regulate the temperature. Sensors can detect when light levels have reached a specified point and automatically alter the glass opacity.

What is intelligent glass used for in the home or office?

At home or in hotel rooms, intelligent glass is primarily used for providing privacy. It can be used to separate a bathroom from the rest of a bedroom or living space, a major trend in hotel interior design at the moment. Intelligent glass can give you the choice of lounging in the bath looking out at beautiful view, or sealing yourself away to reflect and relax. Even within the bathroom itself you can add an additional layer of privacy with intelligent glass shower screens.

Elsewhere in the home or an office, pitched rooflights can be constructed from intelligent glass to prevent overlooking neighbours from seeing into your home.

One of the more creative uses of intelligent glass is as a projector screen. Our homes and offices often feature large glass panels which can be put to good use as a blank canvas. The even opaqueness of an intelligent glass wall is perfect for projecting a film, presentation or other media onto. Why not use intelligent glass in your living room and transform it into a home cinema? Or wow clients by surrounding and immersing them in your presentation, thanks to an intelligent glass meeting room?

Within an office, intelligent glass wall partitions can be used to divide a large space into smaller units without compromising on light levels. The glass can be set to opaque whenever you require privacy or want to get your head down and concentrate without distraction. As an added bonus, the opaque glass can help reduce unwanted glare on a computer screen.

What is intelligent glass used for in hospitals?

Modern hospitals are making excellent use of intelligent glass in their doors and moveable partitions. Patient privacy is of the utmost importance but traditional blinds are difficult to keep clean and can harbour dirt and dust, a significant risk to some patients. Intelligent glass is easier to maintain on a daily basis and can be turned off if a patient is feeling isolated.

What is intelligent glass used for in entertainment?

The flexible nature of intelligent glass makes it ideal for use in entertainment spaces such as bars. It can be used to sub-divided the room and give a sense of exclusivity to certain areas. Intelligent glass is frequently used for promotional or advertising purposes as a means of keeping something under-wraps before the big reveal. By using multiple individual panels and a bit of creative flair, you can create quite the display, especially if choose to add a colour tint to the glass.

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