Using Privacy Glass Walls In The Home

Privacy glass walls are a brilliant alternative to a traditional, plain and opaque wall. Not only do they allow for more light to flow through a space, but they look incredibly stylish whilst doing so. Available in both traditional white and more vibrant bold shades, we believe there is a type of privacy glass for every room and style.


Bathroom Privacy Glass Walls

The most obvious location for a privacy glass wall is of course the bathroom. Many UK bathrooms already have some type of frosting on the window in order to preserve their occupants’ modesty. The main advantage of installing frosted windows instead of simply putting up blinds, is that natural light is still able to flood in. With blinds, you may have to switch on an artificial light every time you use the bathroom. Often a less flattering light, it certainly doesn’t help with your environmental credentials!

A privacy glass wall can provide a similar function within the bathroom itself, shielding people from each other whilst retaining light. If you feel comfortable doing so, why not install one between the toilet and shower? This would allow two people to use the bathroom at the same time, potentially a major convenience in more cramped homes.


Bedroom Privacy Glass Walls

These walls are slowly starting to make appearances in the bedrooms of high class hotels right across the world. Why not in your bedroom too? Most commonly, they are used to separate off an en-suite bathroom from the main bedroom without creating the inevitable windowless box that we have become accustomed to. If your bedroom has a stunning view, you could consider choosing a lower opacity for the privacy glass wall, allowing you to relax in the bath whilst taking in glorious surroundings. This is a major trend right now in top boutique hotels.

Alternatively, you could use such a wall to section off a corner of the bedroom for study. This could be the ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t have a spare bedroom to convert, but still requires a quiet place to sit and concentrate. A heavily opaque glass wall would allow you to focus on your work whilst anyone was using the room e.g. trying to get to sleep.


Living Room Privacy Glass Walls

Open plan ground floors seem to be ubiquitous these days. Long gone are the days of the separate kitchen, diner and lounge. By using privacy glass walls, you can clearly define the different living areas without losing the wonderful light that open plan living provides.


Here at Glass and Stainless UK, we offer a range of bespoke privacy glass walls, perfect for any room. Get in touch to learn how we think privacy glass could be used in your home.