Using Bespoke Glass In The Home

Bespoke glass is a wonderfully versatile material that can be used in every room of the house. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and thicknesses, it is ideal for opening up rooms without comprising on aesthetics. Bespoke glass is made with your safety in mind, so you can feel confident in using it in a family home.

Bespoke Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a striking yet practical feature, perfect for adding a premium look to any kitchen. Unlike traditional tiles, glass splashbacks don’t have any hard to clean, easy to stain grout. Instead, it comes in one custom cut piece that can be wiped down in a matter of minutes. Given that it is one singular piece, a glass splashback is also easier to both install and replace than a tiled section. Available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours and shapes, the smooth surface reflects light brilliantly, making a glass splashback the ideal choice for smaller, darker kitchens.

Bespoke Glass Wardrobe Mirrors

Wardrobes are an essential piece of bedroom furniture but they do have tendency to take up space and look imposing. Affixing a bespoke glass mirror to the doors is an excellent way of introducing a greater sense of space to a room. As well as adding depth the glass surface also helps to reflect light, both natural and artificial, around the room.

Bespoke Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades are a great way to help light flow through the different levels of your house. Sleek and modern looking, they can be personalised with sandblasted designs, intricate etched patterns or striking colours. Thanks to the wondrous versatility of glass, you could even add some curved pieces to create a beautiful flowing line. Without a wooden frame, this is a balustrade that won’t rot over time.

Bespoke Glass Shower Screens

Combined with stainless steel supports, a glass shower screen can a high-quality sharpness to any bathroom, traditional or modern. Eminently practical, glass shower screens are far more long-lasting and easier to clean than a plastic sheet. If privacy is a concern, frosted glass versions are available.

Here at Glass and Stainless UK, we can cut bespoke glass to suit most needs, in a wide range of thicknesses and glass types. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements further.