Upgrade your Bathroom with a Glass Shower Screen

Summer shines a light into the darkest corners of our bathrooms, revealing the corners that we’d rather ignore. Plastics tend to attract stray hairs, and shower curtains harbour mould that looks and smells unpleasant. Faced with constant cleaning and a dated appearance, customers are turning to glass shower fittings to solve all of their shower woes.

Glass is a classic material that is used in everything from ornaments to smartphones. It’s durable, hard-wearing, and offers great value for money, so it’s no wonder it’s experiencing something of a comeback in home bathroom design.

Glass shower screens ensure that your bathroom is sparkling all year round, reflecting light and giving your bathroom clean, neat lines. Once your new glass shower fittings are installed, you can expect them to last a lifetime with minimal cleaning or maintenance.

Using Glass in a Bathroom

The shower cubicle is the most imposing structure in any modern bathroom. It takes up a surprising amount of space, and the wrong design can make a small bathroom look cramped and claustrophobic.

Rethinking the shower can make a huge difference to the feel of the entire room.

Using glass, you can create a structure that appears to float from the wall. The material allows light through into the cubicle, making the area feel less closed off and isolated.

A completely frameless glass shower gives you that luxury hotel feel, creating the illusion of space and indulgence in place of your tired old shower curtain. Framed glass showers give you the flexibility to place a glass shower cubicle securely in an awkward space, and let you use lighter glass in the construction.

The cubicle itself can incorporate stylish sliding glass doors, making the best use of the small space in your bathroom.

Glass Safety

Some customers are wary of using glass bathroom fittings, particularly if they have young children. There’s a misconception that glass will be a safety hazard. Modern construction and manufacturing techniques means that there’s little cause for concern.

Glass for showers is tempered; this is a legal requirement in the UK thanks to EU product safety regulations. Tempering is a process of heating the glass up, then cooling it down, and repeating this process very quickly.

The result is a pane of glass that is stronger and more hard-wearing than the untempered (annealed) variety. If any part of a glass shower breaks because of an impact — like someone falling into it — it will crumble into small pieces, or dice, rather than breaking into dangerous shards.

Glass Breathes New Life into Tired Bathrooms

Many of us have lived too long with outdated plastic baths and curtain rods. Changing to glass shower fittings will transform your bathroom into a relaxing, contemporary haven.

It’s easy to keep clean, creates no visual obstructions, and won’t date like your old avocado suite.

For more information on glass shower fittings, speak to an expert installer to discuss the options for your home. Whether you have a tiny bathroom or a large, open plan space, glass is the perfect material to make it sparkle.