Updating Your Bathroom With Glass Shower Screens

Revamping a bathroom is one of those jobs people love to put off. Fitting a new bathroom suite can be expensive and, with all the plumbing to think about, tends to be disruptive and awkward – the kind of job you usually have to get a professional in to do.

However, there is a simpler, cheaper way. If you don’t fancy taking on the job of a full refit, you can always work with what you already have and give your bathroom a bright, sparkling new lease of life with new glass shower panels.

If you have a shower over the bath and still use a shower curtain, glass panels are the perfect upgrade. Glass shower screens are inexpensive, easy to fit and do a much better job preventing splashing out of the bath. Alternatively, if you already have a bath or shower cubicle with glass fittings and they are starting to look a little mildewed and grimy, a new glass shower screen can refresh the whole room..

Glass Fronted Shower Cubicles

If you want to do something which will have more of an impact on your bathroom without having to rip everything out and starting again, installing a shower cubicle is an ideal halfway house. A shower cubicle with a glass door and screen adds a whole new dimension to a bathroom, and of course is a great space saving option for en suites or if you want to add a wet room elsewhere in your home.

When building a shower cubicle, it is important to match the position and shape to the type of screen door you choose. The main options are sliding doors, bi-fold and pivot. Sliding glass shower doors are ideal when you have room for two adjacent glass panels on the front of your cubicle and want access to be from the front.

Pivot doors require space to open out without hitting any obstacles, but can be used either on larger two panel double doors or in a smaller corner installation with just a single panel on each side of the cubicle. Similarly, bi-fold doors are ideal for smaller spaces, especially if there is not the room for a pivot door to swing out.

Your Bathroom, Your Style

Glass is a very flexible material, and cubicles can be configured from glass panels in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Bespoke glass shower screens can be made to measure to suit any dimensions, with a wide range of options for frosting, stencilling or colour to give your screen your own look.

You can also choose whether to opt for shower screens with frames or for frameless glass shower doors. Frameless glass shower screens add their own unique edge to the design, providing a ‘floating’ or ‘invisible’ look which gives a greater sense of space and light.

Finally, if you are a fan of the stylish effect glass can give to your bathroom, there is no need to stop with shower screens. Glass bathroom doors, frosted for privacy, are a popular option for adding a modern touch to your overall bathroom design, allowing more natural light in.