Types of Shower Door Handles

Choosing your shower door handles may seem like a fairly innocuous decision, but it can fundamentally alter the look of the whole bathroom. There is far greater variety of finish, form and size out there than you probably realise. We recommend that you take your time and think carefully about the effect that you are trying to achieve.

Fitting A Shower Door Handle

Typically, shower door handles are fitted in a back-to-back style either side of the glass. Some handles will need to be firmly drilled into the shower door itself, or any metal lining, whilst others can simply be attached directly onto the glass. This applies to both doorknobs and pull handles. The former is static unlike a standard door knob. Having to turn and apply pressure to a door handle in such a wet environment is a situation ripe for disaster.

If you’re at all unsteady on your feet in the shower, we would recommend that you choose a long pull handle given the greater surface area they provide. Some versions have indented spaces to further help your grip.

Styles of Shower Door Handles

Shower door handles can be as intricate or as simple as you wish. If you have more ornate tastes, why not try large S-shape pull handles? These look particularly good when installed as a pair. For an added touch of glamour, it is certainly worth having a look at some salvaged antique doorknobs. A lot of older homes have gorgeous crystal doorknobs which catch the light wonderfully, giving your bathroom a bit of sparkle.

As well as crystal, other possible materials include plastic, chrome or polished brass. Chrome is an incredibly popular choice given its anti-corrosion properties and high shine. However, you need to be careful when cleaning your bathroom a chlorine bleach as it can cause lasting damage. Thoroughly rinse away any cleaning product following use and try and avoid highly abrasive cloths to ensure that the distinctive shine lasts.

At Glass and Stainless, we can help you choose and install your ideal shower door handles. Get in touch today to discuss your style and fitting options.