Top 7 Benefits Of Skylights

  1. Increase the amount of light in a room
  2. Improved air quality through greater ventilation
  3. Greater control over room temperature
  4. Doesn’t compromise your privacy
  5. Creates a greater sense of space
  6. A more eco-friendly option
  7. Beneficial to your mental health

Skylights are a brilliant way of introducing light and fresh air to darker, smaller rooms. They can provide you with greater privacy than a traditional window and save you money over the long term.

Here are our top 7 benefits of skylights!

Increase the amount of light in a room

Not to state the obvious, but the addition of a skylight will allow a greater amount of light to enter a room. The amount and intensity of the light will vary throughout the day as the sun moves around the property. Typically, south and west facing skylights will receive the greatest amount of sunlight and so make the greatest difference to a room’s light levels.

Natural light can be more far more pleasurable than artificial light. It is less harsh, more flattering and generally creates a more pleasant ambience for you to enjoy.


Improve air quality through greater ventilation

If you choose a opening skylight, you benefit from another point of ventilation in the property. An improved airflow will keep the room feeling fresh and stop any mustiness from building up. This is a particularly popular option in kitchens or kitchen diners, where you might want to remove any excess heat or overpowering smells.


Greater control over room temperature

As well as being brilliant for removing unpleasant smells, an opening skylight also allows you to release any unwanted hot air. A skylight can actually be more effective than a window in reducing room temperature due to the way heat disperses through a space. Warm air rises whilst cooler air moves downwards. This means that the hot air can easily escape through a skylight whilst the colder outside air is drawn inwards and downwards. Skylights truly make excellent use of convection currents.

If you know the times when you’re room tends to heat up, you can think ahead and open the skylight ready. A good example of this would be an otherwise poorly ventilated bathroom that fills with steam whenever you have a wonderfully hot shower.


Doesn’t compromise privacy

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a skylight over a window, is that it’s harder to see in. Unless your neighbour’s property is positioned higher than your own, the angle of a skylight means that they will be unable to look in. This makes skylights ideal for bathroom and bedroom where you want the reassurance of privacy and safety from exposure.


Creates a greater sense of space

Skylights can have a massive impact on just how big a room feels, particularly if you have lighter walls for the light to bounce off. Furthermore, by placing your window in the roof you are left with far more wall space to play with. This makes it easier to comfortably situate furniture in a small room.


A more eco-friendly option

The more natural light that is able to flood a room, the less need there is for artificial light. This means that skylights can be the more environmentally-friendly option, as well as the more pleasant. Of course, natural light comes at no cost so skylights can actually save you money in the long term.


Beneficial to your mental health

It might seem simple, but greater exposure to natural light has been shown to lower the risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of depression which can afflict individuals during the darker, winter months.

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