Thinking about Decking for the Spring and Summer?

With Christmas and New Year festivities behind us, January is the perfect time to look to the warmer months ahead. And what better way to get you in the mood for summer than planning an upgrade to your garden?

Decking is a hugely popular way to create an exciting new space for your home’s exterior. Easier to build than a patio and less maintenance than a lawn, raised decking is as flexible as it is attractive. Whether you are looking for somewhere to lounge in the sun or have a BBQ on a warm summer’s evening, provide a play area for the kids or line a new hot tub, decking can be adapted to all sorts of uses.

Materials wise, we immediately associate decking with timber or composite. But while these are practical, low cost and low maintenance solutions for the bed of a raised deck, you can afford to be a little more creative with decking railings and balustrades.

Chic Appeal

To add a contemporary, chic finish to your decking, you can do no better than glass and stainless steel railings and balustrades.

Decking railings and balustrade systems serve several different purposes. They complete a new deck as a distinct space, helping to integrate it with the rest of your garden by defining the area clearly. On a more practical level, they also provide a physical barrier, useful if, for example, you want to keep children in or pets out. They also add different aesthetic options for your overall design, with numerous different styles and materials to choose from.

One of the main advantages of having glass balustrades for decking is that they keep open the view to the rest of your garden. Solid wood panelling or even slats or spindles can make the decked area feel boxed in. With glass balustrades, you get the physical barrier and clear demarcation, but you can still sit and enjoy the view.

Glass is complemented perfectly by stainless steel railings. The stylish shine of the polished solid metal adds to the overall sharp, modern effect. In addition, stainless steel is sturdier and more hard wearing than timber, and you won’t have to keep applying the weatherproof varnish every winter.

Custom Design

Another key benefit of glass and stainless steel balustrade systems is how flexible they are. Our entire G-RAIL range of railings and balustrades can be customised to be used on decking, with the style and size of fixtures, panels and posts fully adaptable to create your own bespoke design.

Choose from square steel posts and rails, which create an angular, cutting edge effect, or cylindrical fittings for a softer, smoother finish. Decide whether you want an eye catching mirror finish on metal fittings or a less dazzling matt coating.

If you really want to push the boat out, consider curved glass for the ultimate in elegance – ideal for a hot tub or pool surround, or to complete an unusual decking layout. And if you really want to keep lines of sight open, you can even opt for a frameless glass balustrade system – not a post in sight!

With glass and stainless steel balustrades and railings, you can make your decking a summer hotspot for all your friends and family. So why not get started planning your project straight away?