The Beauty Of Frameless Glass Sliding Doors For Your Shower

The beauty of frameless glass shower sliding doors lies in their elegant, sleek and incredibly modern appearance. Simple yet effective, these innovate glass features create a wonderful sense of openness and freedom within a bathroom. You never feel hemmed in by metal structures or claustrophobic. Furthermore, a frameless glass sliding door offers flexibility in how you arrange a bathroom and could still be used if you’re looking for privacy. Here’s how.

Be Confident In The Frameless Glass Sliding Doors For Your Shower

Glass is a deceptively strong material. It might not look it, but tempered glass actually has four times the strength of standard annealed glass. In the highly unlikely event that it does shatter, tempered glass has been specifically designed into smaller and more rounded pieces that cause the minimal amount of damage possible.

Show Off Your Statement Tiles

Frameless glass shower sliding doors are not only beautiful in of themselves, but are also perfect for showing off the interior elements of the shower. Want to make a real statement in your bathroom? Why not invest in a set of statement tiles that boast bright and bold colours or unusual patterns? Frameless glass will allow you to view them from anywhere in the bathroom, without a frame getting in the way.

Maximise The Available Space

Frameless glass sliding doors have a couple of advantages over their hinged counterparts, of which the most obvious is space-saving. The door never needs to protrude into the room and so you are not required to leave a large area completely clear, immediately outside of it. In studio apartments or smaller budget hotel rooms, this flexibility can make a massive difference to the layout of a bathroom, giving your more space to play with elsewhere in the property.

From a safety perspective, it is often easier to open a frameless glass shower sliding door than it is a hinged one, particularly when you’re stood on a wet surface. There’s no need to push or pull hard on the handle and risk your balance.

Retain Your Privacy

For aesthetic reasons or in some particular circumstances, it becomes necessary to keep a shower private. As an example, it is becoming increasingly common for hotel bathrooms to be located in the same space as the bedroom. Whilst the toilet itself is typically hidden by a solid door, showers and sinks are often freestanding in the bathroom itself. It is in these situations that you might wish to use a form of obscure glass for your frameless sliding door. This is simply glass that is translucent rather than transparent in nature, and comes in several different types.

Frosted and satin glass panels can be created by sandblasting or acid etching the glass, in order to create a pitted surface. This surface prevents all the light from travelling straight through and instead, scatters the light in multiple different directions. This has the effect of creating a translucent surface through which image are blurred. The further away you stand from the glass, the more blurred and obscure the image becomes.

If you want total privacy, there is always the option of inserting a solid coloured laminate layer within the glass. This will block the shower interior from any prying eyes.


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