Stand out from the crowd with bespoke glass

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a trend in home design. Chipboard and laminate are out. Customers are returning to the solid materials that they grew up with, like solid wood, tile, and glass.

Bespoke glass can turn a tired, unwelcoming home into a gleaming, contemporary space. You can benefit from unique design features that complement your property and make best use of the space you’ve got.

There’s a place for glass in every room. Here’s some inspiration.

Bespoke Glass in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home; the place where meals are prepared, and families catch up after a long day. Good looks and easy-to-clean surfaces are key to making the kitchen a welcoming space.

Bespoke glass splashbacks can give you the glossy, clean look you desire, without the dated look of tiles or the maintenance that stainless steel can require. Glass splashbacks resist heat and moisture, so they are safe to use near hot ovens and pans.

In a kitchen, glass can help to reflect light into areas that sometimes require a little sparkle. Our splashbacks look great when paired with other glass elements, like ornaments, counter tops, or tables.

Bespoke Glass in the Living Room

Many homes have stairways that descend directly into the living room area. These can present a design challenge or an opportunity, depending on how you choose to construct them.

For the most modern appearance, a glass-walled staircase brings the stairway into the room without impeding on the space around it.

Our bespoke glass manufacturing techniques mean that we can construct elegant glass staircase supports that look wonderful with solid wood stairs and handrails. Far from being an eyesore, your stairs will become a feature in their own right, seamlessly blending in with their environment.

You can echo the look with a set of glass sliding doors that separate different areas in your living space.

Bespoke Glass in the Bathroom

Glass shower enclosures make even the smallest bathroom look spacious. Designed for safety and good looks, our bespoke glass showers need minimal maintenance and turn any dull, unloved bathroom space into your very own home spa.

When designing your shower, we’ll look at framed and frameless options and find the best bespoke shape for your shower space and your budget.

Bespoke Glass in the Bedroom

Every master bedroom needs a large feature mirror that makes the best use of natural light and creates a dressing area for the occupants. Using bespoke glass, you can have a mirror made to fit your bedroom, rather than settling for a mirror that is the wrong size.

Whether you need full-length glass for wardrobe doors, or a vanity mirror to fit an unusual space, our craftsmen will provide something that looks proportional to your room and suits its decor.

More Design Inspiration

Glass has a use in every part of the home, from table tops to skylights. The only limit is your imagination. If you’d like to bring the beauty and sophistication of glass into your home, speak to our team today about our bespoke glass creations.