Types Of Skylights And Rooflights

Did you know that there are loads of different types of skylights and rooflights for you to choose from? That’s right! Whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof, want to keep the heat in or would like some added ventilation, there is the perfect style of skylight out there for you.

Whichever type of skylight or rooflight you choose, you can be confident that your room will be filled with an abundance of natural light. The advantages of being exposed to natural light over artificial light are numerous, with research showing that there are clear benefits to both your physical and mental health!

All types of skylights and rooflights are made from a form of toughened safety glass for your and your property’s protection. If you are concerned about privacy or excessive heat build-up, we would recommend that you ask for your skylight to be made with opaque or solar glass.

The Most Common Types Of Skylights And Rooflights

Pitched Skylights

Pitched skylights are incredibly popular for use in residential properties as they can be made to fit a wide range of roof pitches, although there is a minimum. Energy efficient and weatherproof, a pitched skylight can either sit flush to the roof or be slightly raised away from it for greater water runoff.

Flat Rooflights

Flat rooflights look exactly as the name suggests. Often raised slightly up from the roof in order to prevent water pooling, flat rooflights are available in both fixed and opening options. We would recommend using the latter in kitchens and bathrooms where you might want to release an excessive moisture.

One of the major advantages of flat rooflights is that with the right specification of glass, you can walk on them. This makes them absolutely perfect for lighting any rooms that sit below a roof terrace or garden, without affecting how you make use of that valuable outside space. In situations like this, the rooflight would sit flush to the surrounding roofing material rather than on an upstand. An anti-slip treatment can be applied to the glass in order to guard against accidents.

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are incredibly distinctive and can be used to cover larger spaces than other forms of rooflight. Similar in looks and structure to a conservatory roof, a roof lantern is formed from multiple pitched panes of glass supported by a slim metal frame. It is raised up from the flat roof through use of a waterproof sealed upstand. Combined with the larger size of a roof lantern, this additional lift truly opens up the ceiling and the added height can give a room a much greater sense of space.

The major advantage of choosing a roof lantern over other types of skylight is that it allows light to flood in from multiple angles. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight throughout the day rather than shorter periods when the sun has reached the right point in the sky. In winter, this can make a difference.

Roof lanterns are available in both fixed and ventilated options, and so are suitable for use throughout the home.

Pyramid Skylights

Similar in construction to a roof lantern, pyramid skylights cover smaller square spaces. Their striking shape means that they can become stand-out architectural features. With multiple glass sides, it to can capture sunlight from several directions during the entire day. There is no one set pitch for pyramid skylights, so you should be able to purchase one that is as subtle or as eye-catching as you like.