Satin Glass Panels: Beautiful Yet Private

Satin glass panels (or acid-etched glass) are an elegant and sleek form of privacy glass that can be made bespoke for your needs. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms, shelving and other areas where you value your privacy. You could use it in large panels to split up a room or in smaller pieces to front cupboards. The options are endless. Aside from its architectural uses, satin glass is also frequently used in decorative art.

Satin glass is produced by applying hydrofluoric acid or hydrofluoric acid fumes to float glass. The strength of the acid means that it is able to cut through the uppermost layers of the glass to give a satin-like look and feel, and remove the shine.

Satin glass panels still allow light to pass through, so there is no compromising on light levels. This means that satin glass panels are often a superior choice to standard walls or timber partitions. One pleasing side effect of the satin finish is that it softens and diffuses light.

From a practical perspective, satin glass panels work well because their smooth finish is easy to wipe down. In addition, the more opaque finish is perfect for hiding grubby fingerprints and hand marks.

If you really want to obscure an object, simply place it further away from the glass. The greater the distance between glass and object, the fuzzier the view through the glass. Wherever you put something though, you won’t be able to see any details.

Adding Beautiful Designs To Satin Glass Panels

Even though satin glass panels are already partially opaque it is possible to add incredibly intricate designs through etching. Glass etching is achieved by sandblasting the glass with fine abrasive material at a high pressure. With standard glass, the design would take shape by masking the desired area so that it remained clear.

Satin glass panels require a slightly different approach as you still want to retain your privacy. Only the reverse side of the satin glass is sandblasted, in the shape of the design, and this produces a different level of opacity. When viewed from the side of the glass with the satin finish, the design appears softer and more subtle. From the etched side it is clearer and crisper. Your privacy will remain intact however, as the no part of the glass is left clear.

At Glass and Stainless we can etch satin glass panels with any design of your choosing. You could even add a colour tint for added interest and definition. Blue is a particularly popular colour choice.

Installing Satin Glass Panels

If you wish to install satin glass panels as your shower or bath screen, it is best practice to face the acid-treated outwards, away from the water. The team at Glass and Stainless are more than willing to talk you through the installation of any satin glass or simply do it for you.

Glass and Stainless can design and create bespoke satin glass panels in line with your specification. Contact us today to discuss your specification.