Renovate Your Staircase With Glass Stair Panels

When we’re looking to spruce up the interior of our homes, staircases can often be sadly overlooked. We might look to change the decor, room layouts, even install new windows and doors. But how many of us even think of the opportunities available right there on the stairs? That’s where glass stair panels come in.

It is all too easy to accept that a staircase is purely functional and offers little opportunity to improve your home aesthetically. In fact, this is one of the places where you can make a truly radical difference to the overall look and feel of your home.

The easiest way to do this is with choice of materials. Glass stair panels offer an outstanding alternative to the timber frames most domestic staircases use. Just as sturdy and robust, glass stair panels can transform a dark hallway into a bright, airy space, allowing light to pass through unhindered without casting shadows.

Glass is a versatile and reliable material in all sorts of circumstances, and glass balustrades add a stylish contemporary twist to home decor. A staircase in a main reception area is the ideal place to show this off to visitors, transforming first impressions of your entire home.

Blending the traditional and modern with glass stair panels

One of the great things about glass stair panels is how they can be used to achieve a variety of different looks to suit your home.

If timber is to your taste and you want to keep an air of tradition about your home, glass panels can be paired with wooden balustrade posts, treads and handrails for an elegant, refined look. The use of glass stair panels instead of wooden spindles creates the impression of space, avoiding the ‘heavy’, imposing look you can get from too much wood.

For a more contemporary feel, glass is a natural companion to stainless steel. The bright sheen of polished stainless steel balustrades and posts perfectly complements the transparency of glass stair panels, creating visibly lighter spaces.

For an added modern twist, you could opt to do away with the balustrades entirely and go for a frameless glass balustrade system. The use of glass only on your staircase panels accentuates the light and space-enhancing qualities. With no obstructions at all from posts, lines of sight are left completely open through the glass panels, creating an even greater sense of space even in the tightest of spaces.

Finally, for a truly radical take on a contemporary look, why not consider pairing glass stair panels with glass treads. This is an option for those who really want to make a statement in their homes, challenging convention completely with a stunning modern look. Glass treads are particularly well suited to open staircases, where you have no boxed-in area under the stairs. The glass treads add to the extra feeling of space and light this creates – and make people using the stars feel like they are walking on air!

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