When you are working on the building or refurbishment of a bathroom there are many different aspects to consider before it can truly be completed. In some cases it might just be that you require a replacement for certain fixtures and fittings, or you need to add those finishing touches, such as shower door handles,  to make the bathroom really gleam and shine, adding value to your property and increasing your happiness in the home.

Glass & Stainless understands completely that it is the little details that really help to make a bathroom sing, we can provide you with replacement handles for shower doors, shower door knobs and a plethora of other shower door fittings to ensure that your bathroom design is complemented well with the fixtures and added flourishes in place.  Whether you are simply looking for a replacement shower door handle, or are completing an entire bathroom remodel, here at Glass & Stainless we offer a selection of stunning glass shower doors, as well as a range of stainless steel door handle and glass door handle options.

High Quality Shower Door Handles

We have put a great deal of time and thought into ensuring that our range of shower door fittings are carefully crafted to provide industry-leading style and lasting quality. All of our shower door knobs and other accessories are made from durable materials and crafted to the highest design standards. This ensures a number of things. The first thing is that the quality of our handles for shower doors and fittings ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. Our clients are always searching for cost effective solutions without having to compromise on quality, and we can truly deliver this. Secondly, our glass shower door knobs and other fittings are made to be easily maintained and cleaned, leading to a sparkling bathroom at all times.

Here at Glass & Stainless, we only use the highest quality materials available so you can be confident that you’ve bought a bathroom fitting or fixture that is built to last. All our products have been thoroughly tested and comply with current UK building regulations and standards, and all health and safety regulations. Your safety is paramount and our products are tested to ensure that they are safe and will last for a long time under constant wear and tear, that can be expected within a bathroom.

A Bespoke Service for Your Bathroom Design Needs

It is important to us that when you purchase the final piece of the jigsaw with the addition of shower door fittings, handles or knobs, that they are perfectly suited to complement the design of the rest of the bathroom. That is why we offer a bespoke service where you can speak with our experts in the field from start to finish. We will advise you on the types of shower door handles that would work best within your current bathroom design if you are looking for a replacement, or which design of handles for shower doors would best complement the design of a new bathroom that is being created and built. Each client and project is unique and we have the experience to deliver to a high standard, no matter the circumstances, design or budgets in place.

With teams ready to install glass panels, shower doors, as well as other shower door fittings, right throughout the UK, we are just a phone call away should you wish to find out more about how the Glass & Stainless team of experts can help you complete your bathroom look.