Flexible Partition Wall Systems

Partition wall systems are simply non-loadbearing walls which are built within a frame construction. Thanks to their flexibility, they are a nifty device for quickly separating a space. Commonly found in offices, hotels and other commercial spaces, they are fast increasing in popularity. Available in a whole range of styles, we would recommend that you first consider what function the wall needs to fulfil. For example, if it is privacy that you need, a transparent glass partition wall system probably isn’t going to be the best option.

Benefits of Partition Wall Systems

The most obvious advantage of using a partition wall system is the wonderful flexibility it can provide. Unlike a standard wall which takes enormous time and effort to move, a partition wall can be rearranged with ease. In a commercial setting such as an office, this flexibility can be invaluable. As teams grow or shrink, your office layout can change with you. From open plan to individual cubicles, the possibilities are endless.

The ease with which these walls can be moved ensures that disruption is kept to a minimum. Walls can be quickly re-configured without causing the massive drop in office productivity that you’d expect with a traditional building project.

For the budget conscious, partition wall systems are the perfect solution. With much lower associated labour and material costs, they are often the cheaper option and can generally be installed by anyone with DIY knowledge. Unlike a conventional wall, they don’t need multiple tradespeople to put up and as an added bonus, you may even be able to repurpose a wall!

Advancements in technology and use of materials mean that a partition wall system can blend right into the building’s existing fabric. Whether it’s glass, metal or traditional wall panelling, you’ll be able to find your ideal match. Furthermore, they need not be simple plain walls. Doors and windows can easily be slotted in, as can all manner of electrical cables.

At Glass and Stainless, we can provide gorgeous glass partition wall systems in a variety of styles and finishes. Get in touch today to discuss your specification.