What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is constructed using a simple sandwich style structure. Two pieces of glass in a range of thicknesses, have a semi structural or structural Resin, PVB, EVA or SGP interlayer sandwiched between them. This produces a thicker and heavier glass panel. The distinctive feature of laminated glass is the way in which it breaks. […]

Using Bespoke Glass In The Home

Bespoke glass is a wonderfully versatile material that can be used in every room of the house. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes and thicknesses, it is ideal for opening up rooms without comprising on aesthetics. Bespoke glass is made with your safety in mind, so you can feel confident in using it […]

Using A Structural Glass Floor To Add Light

An increasingly common sight on the likes of Grand Designs, structural glass floor panels are an innovative way of utilising glass for multiple purposes simultaneously. Like standard glass, these panels allow light to flow freely from one space to another whilst also allowing you to continue standing on the separating surface. They are ideal for any […]

Using Privacy Glass Walls In The Home

Privacy glass walls are a brilliant alternative to a traditional, plain and opaque wall. Not only do they allow for more light to flow through a space, but they look incredibly stylish whilst doing so. Available in both traditional white and more vibrant bold shades, we believe there is a type of privacy glass for […]

Consider Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks are increasingly become a staple feature of the modern kitchen having recently grown rapidly in popularity. Stylish, easy to maintain and with a premium feel, they offer a real alternative to the typical tiling method. Whatever they are made from, splashbacks are a crucial means of fighting bacteria and water damage in the […]

Glass and Stainless Athlete Conquers South Manchester Triathlon

Glass and Stainless would like to congratulate local GB triathlete Jack Scofield on his recent third place finish at the South Manchester Triathlon. Noticing that he is clearly an athlete on the rise, Glass and Stainless have recently begun to sponsor Jack and are keen to keep you up to date with all his growing […]

Using Glass Clamps To Support Your Balustrade System

Glass clamps are essential to any glass balustrade system. They connect the glass panels to the central balustrade posts and handrails without physically damaging the glass in anyway, in contrast to drilling. On its own, toughened glass is an incredibly rigid and robust material but drilling it can be problematic, especially if not done by […]

Achieving Excellence in Athletics and Glass in Cheshire

Glass and Stainless is enormously proud to announce that we are now sponsoring GB triathlete Jack Schofield! Having made it our mission to produce the best bespoke glass in Cheshire, we are now keen to help someone else achieve their lofty goals. Jack is a spectacularly talented athlete with a clear vision for the future. […]

The Benefits of Buying Cut to Measure Bespoke Glass Online

The home decor market has changed considerably over the past half century. We might call this the ‘Ikea effect’ – a rise in demand for out-of-the-box, pre-fabricated solutions which are cheap, convenient and quick. A far cry from the bespoke glass requests that we are strive to fulfil more and more of. This suits many […]

Spruce up Your Office This Summer with Glass Office Partitions

Glass partitions have grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years. More businesses want an open-plan, light office environment in which employees can work and collaborate more freely, and glass partitions are the perfect addition to make this possible. If you haven’t installed them already, here’s a few of the benefits to installing glass […]

Stand out from the crowd with bespoke glass

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a trend in home design. Chipboard and laminate are out. Customers are returning to the solid materials that they grew up with, like solid wood, tile, and glass. Bespoke glass can turn a tired, unwelcoming home into a gleaming, contemporary space. You can benefit from unique design […]

Upgrade your Bathroom with a Glass Shower Screen

Summer shines a light into the darkest corners of our bathrooms, revealing the corners that we’d rather ignore. Plastics tend to attract stray hairs, and shower curtains harbour mould that looks and smells unpleasant. Faced with constant cleaning and a dated appearance, customers are turning to glass shower fittings to solve all of their shower […]

Extend Your Summer With Sliding Glass Doors

With the solstice gone, we have already passed ‘peak light’ in terms of daylight hours this summer, and so begins the slow wind down to shorter days and longer nights. However, given the pattern of recent years, the best of the summer weather may yet be to come. Even as the evenings start to draw […]

Add Some Interest With a New Building Canopy

Sometimes it can be hard to think up ways to be original when it comes to home improvements and property upgrades. Without the help of a top contemporary architect, it can seem like everything has been done before. Often the best solution to this dilemma is to look backwards to look forward. Building design has […]

New Showroom at Our East Cheshire Headquarters!

Things have really been taking off for Glass & Stainless in the past couple of years, and we are delighted to announce that we have outgrown our home! But luckily for us, we are not having to move anywhere. Instead, we have been able to purchase property next door to our current base in Congleton, […]

Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Sliding Doors

From patios to closets, pantries to bathrooms, sliding doors have a wide range of uses in and around the home. Available in just about every material imaginable, from glass and wood to thin paper screens, sliding doors offer a practical solution when space is a factor in entrance ways. So what should you look out […]

Making an Extension Work Outside And In

For home improvers who are serious about getting the most from their property, an extension can be an excellent way to add value as well as open up extra living space. But as people tend to build extensions focusing on what they do for the interior of their homes, they often miss opportunities for creating […]

New Staircase Helps Lift School Sports Centre

Being bright is always helpful at school. And we’re not just talking about the pupils here. When it comes to interior design, creating spaces which are as light and bright as possible is known to have positive impacts on students’ well-being and achievement. Following in the footsteps of the modern office building, schools across the […]