The Possibilities Of Toughened Glass Panels (Made To Measure)

At Glass and Stainless, we believe that the possibilities of toughened glass panels (made to measure) are practically endless. Toughened glass is an incredibly versatile material that can give you real peace of mind thanks to its impressive safety credentials. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be cut into a wide variety […]

Why Choose A Glass Staircase With Lights?

If you want an incredibly elegant staircase which compliments every style of architecture and allows an abundance of light to pass through, glass is your best option. As well as being simple to maintain, a glass staircase can be further transformed by the addition of lighting. LED lighting can be used to light either the […]

How To Install A Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Stainless steel wire balustrades are an incredibly elegant yet simple alternative to a traditional panel balustrade. Like glass, it offers you brilliant unobstructed views of the world beyond your balcony or decking, whilst still performing a vital safety function. Available in both horizontal and vertical formats, a stainless steel wire balustrade can suit a wide […]

What’s Glass and Stainless’ Jack Schofield Been Up To?

As the summer heatwave sets in, we are firmly into the triathlon racing season. Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield has been putting all that winter training into action and has entered several races in preparation for the ITU Long Distance World Championships in July. Here’s a quick update of how he’s got on. […]

Choosing The Ideal Glass Canopy For Your Front Door

Glass canopies are brilliant for giving visitors an excellent first impression of your building, whether it be a commercial premises or your own lovely home. They’ll be particularly thankful when the weather is awful and they want to shelter from the rain or hail. Meanwhile, you aren’t left rushing to answer the door as quickly […]

Uses Of Internal Sliding Partition Doors

What are the uses of internal sliding partition doors? Internal sliding partition doors are having something of a renaissance. With many people having embraced open plan living and started knocking down internal walls left, right and centre, there is now an emerging desire to claw back some of that separation. This is known as ‘zoning’ […]

Types Of Glass Flooring: Finding The Perfect Finish

Glass is glass right? Wrong! There is a variety of types of glass flooring out there for you to choose from, and each is going to give you a slightly different look. From the opacity of the glass to its shape and colour, the options are numerous. To help you make some important decisions, we’ve […]

How To Fit Glass Clamps

Glass balustrade systems are incredibly popular right now. More and more people want to take advantage of the excellent views they provide, both internally and externally. For traditionally dark and quite enclosed spaces like staircases, a glass balustrade can truly help open up the space and allow in an abundance of light. Glass balustrades are […]

Satin Glass Panels: Beautiful Yet Private

Satin glass panels (or acid-etched glass) are an elegant and sleek form of privacy glass that can be made bespoke for your needs. It is an excellent choice for bathrooms, shelving and other areas where you value your privacy. You could use it in large panels to split up a room or in smaller pieces […]

What Is Intelligent Glass Used For?

Intelligent or smart glass, has the unique ability to change its opacity at the flick of a switch. When an electric current is applied to the glass, the molecules within the liquid crystal film align with each other and the glass is transparent. Turn off the electrical current, however, and the molecules become disorganised, preventing […]

Can you have glass rooflights for flat roofs?

Yes! Glass rooflights for flat roofs are just as effective as the pitched versions. They’re a brilliant means of improving the levels of natural daylight within your home or office. In addition, they can provide much needed ventilation in stuffy, possibly windowless rooms. Increasingly common on flat roof extensions, such as a single storey kitchen […]

Why Choose A Tempered Glass Tabletop?

Glass is the perfect material for anyone looking to create a striking, modern atmosphere with clean edges. However, many people are reluctant to use glass in their homes and offices due to safety concerns. Thankfully, a tempered glass tabletop can help alleviate these worries. What is tempered glass? Tempered glass is a common form of […]

Get Summer Ready With Glass Railing For Your Deck

Whilst it may not feel like it right now, spring is well and truly here. In between downpours and unexpected snow showers, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer. Work hard now and you’ll reap the benefits in the sun. For a clean and contemporary look, why not invest in […]

Jack Schofield Smashes The Manchester Marathon

Inspired by the Commonwealth Games, we’re starting to think about giving those New Year fitness resolutions another go. One person who needs little encouragement to get out on the bike or in the pool is Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield. He’s got his 2018 season off to a brilliant start with an impressive […]

Can glass table tops be painted?

Can glass table tops be painted? In short, yes. You just need to get the preparation right. This means thoroughly cleaning the glass, priming the surface and using high quality products. Painting a glass table top may seem like a bold move but the payoff can be brilliant. In the perfect example of upcycling, a […]

Made To Measure Glass Stair Panels For Hallways

Made to measure glass stair panels are a brilliant modern alternative to traditional spindles or other styles of railing. A glass panel of any shape or size is fitted to completely fill the space between the handrail and base of a balustrade. Stair panels can be made from a wide variety of materials but, unsurprisingly, […]

Frameless Glass Doors For Shops

As high streets modernise, frameless glass doors for shops are proving incredibly popular. Unlike traditional shop fronts, these doors don’t use aluminium door stiles or railing as framing. Instead, glass connects to glass. This creates a more open and welcoming entrance in which window shoppers are given a wonderful view of your products or service. […]

Do Juliet Balconies Require Planning Permission?

Named for Shakespeare’s most famous leading lady, Juliet balconies are incredibly stylish and elegant features. Suitable for a variety of homes, a Juliet balcony is essentially a balustrade fitted to the exterior of a large window or French doors. They are available in a wide array of styles and aesthetics, ranging from highly decorative Victorian […]