Making the Most of Your Glass Box Extension

It is official – conservatories are out, glass boxes are most definitely in. If you want to add an extension to your home and stay right on trend, it simply has to be bespoke glass. But can you make the most of your glass box extension?

Ok, so glass boxes, conservatories – they can be seen as two interpretations of the same thing. The key differences are that, as the name suggests, a glass box makes greater use of glass panelling, typically with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors, and maintains a cuboid shape.

Whereas conservatories have typically sought to mimic the aesthetics of traditional house design by incorporating brick walls and gable or hip roofs, glass boxes are unashamedly brash and modern, focusing on sleek angles, open lines of sight and plenty of natural light.

There is also an argument to say that glass boxes are more flexible and make better use of space than standard conservatories. Here’s a look at how that can be used for maximum effect.

How To Make The Most Of Your Glass Box Extension

Bring awkward external spaces into use

Conservatories tend to need their own footprint for construction, with space to dig foundations if brick walls and a full roof are to be included. Glass boxes can be created to fit with whatever spaces you have available. In a narrow yard, for example, or a space between an external wall and a garage, you may not have room for a traditional conservatory. But glass boxes can make use of structures that are already there, simply adding glass paneling to bring an outdoor space indoors.

Reimagine indoor spaces

Glass box design is conversely a great way to bring more of the outdoors inside. If you feel certain rooms are too dingy and claustrophobic, what better way to open them up than with glass panel walls and roofing.

Create links to outbuildings

Many people views external structures like garages and outbuildings as prime opportunities for extending their live-in space. But they face a problem if these buildings are not directly joined to the house itself. Glass box extensions provide a perfect solution. On the one hand, they can provide an attractive walkway to connect the two structures, protecting you and your family from the elements as you pass between them. On the other, these boxes can be used as additional living space themselves, with the addition of sofas, tables, chairs or whatever else you desire to create a comfortable, usable new area.

Think vertical

Finally, glass boxes are far from a ground level-only option. Their versatility also extends to upper floors. If, for example, you are contemplating creating a roof terrace on your property, you might want to consider how much use it would get outside the warmest three or four months of the year. By building a glass box extension, you instead create an all-year-round space that you can warm in the winter and throw open to the great outdoors in the summer. Also, glass boxes provide an interesting option for loft conversions and dormers, especially if you aspire to gazing up at the heavens at night.

If you’re keen to make the most of your glass box extension, get in touch with Glass & Stainless today.