Garden balustrades to keep the dogs out

Who Let The Dogs Out? Not This Top Sports Personality…

Whether inside the home or out, glass and stainless steel installations command huge appeal as the epitome of cutting edge style – as you can tell from the celebrity names on our client list.

Garden Glass and Stainless Balustrades

From our headquarters in south east Cheshire, Glass and Stainless is fortunate to be within easy reach of Liverpool, Manchester and, closest by, Stoke-on-Trent, three large urban centres with their own vibrant cultural and, in particular, sporting scenes.

With five Premier League football clubs on its doorstep, Cheshire is known as the playground of many a millionaire footballer. And looking for the very best in contemporary design for their homes, we get our fair share coming to us for our bespoke glass and stainless solutions.

One example was a former Premier League player and now a well known TV and radio pundit who came to us looking for a balustrade system for his garden. He approached us because he wanted to secure his garden so his dogs could not escape, while creating something stylish and attractive.

Clear Views

The area in question had an existing white wall at the bottom of some steps leading through the garden, with a paved and tarmaced area beyond. The wall was too low to keep his dogs in as they could easily leap over it.

Garden balustrades to keep the dogs out

We explained to the client that the benefit of a glass and stainless steel balustrade was that it would continue to provide clear views of the garden with very little obstruction. As you can see from the pictures, the garden contains plenty of ornate and attractive shrubbery surrounding a well kept lawn, so it was desirable to keep the views of these open.

For the structure of the balustrade, we chose a 316 stainless steel post and clamp design. Also known as marine grade steel, 316 stainless is highly resistant to corrosion, so is ideal for use outdoors, maintaining a bright sheen for years on end without dulling.

The post and clamp system is a practical, all-purpose solution for holding the balustrades together. The posts act as the main support, with attached stainless steel clamps holding the glass panels in place whilst also distributing the weight load evenly. In this case, as the balustrade was not being installed around a walkway or at a height where people might want to lean on the top of it, there was no need to include a handrail.

Safety First

For the panels, we opted for 10mm toughened glass infills. Whenever glass is used in a balustrade system, safety is always high on the list of priorities. In this case, being installed in the garden, we needed to ensure there was no risk of the panes cracking or shattering if, say, a branch from a tree broke off and hit them, or worse, if one of the pet dogs jumped at them and hit them hard.

Clear glass and balustrades

Toughened glass is a popular type of safety glass which uses a process known as tempering to strengthen and alter how it behaves when put under stress. At 10mm thick, the panels are very unlikely to shatter anyway, but after tempering, if they ever did break, they would crumble into granular chunks, posing much less risk of injury than the sharp shards left by normal glass.