What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is constructed using a simple sandwich style structure. Two pieces of glass in a range of thicknesses, have a semi structural or structural Resin, PVB, EVA or SGP interlayer sandwiched between them. This produces a thicker and heavier glass panel.

The distinctive feature of laminated glass is the way in which it breaks. If the outer layer of glass is broken in anyway, the plastic interlayer acts like an adhesive, holding everything together and keeping the panel stable. Ultimately, this prevents any holes developing within the glass or large shards flying off. Instead, you will simply see a spider web pattern on the surface. Should any bits break off under repeated pressure, they tend to be far smaller and blunter than those from a standard glass break. This explains why laminated glass is often referred to as safety glass.

The Advantages of Laminated Glass

Given that it is difficult to smash a hole through laminated glass, it is an excellent choice for burglary prevention. It is widely used in car windscreens and shop front windows but is suitable for any commercial or domestic environment. Should a burglar put in the necessary hard effort to break through the glass, the noise they make in doing so will certainly alert you!

Equally, laminated glass will offer you a degree of protection against the natural elements e.g. severe thunderstorm.  If you decide to use it extensively in your windows and doors, please do ensure that there is an alternative emergency exit route as you will struggle to easily smash your way out through the glass.

Also on the point of safety, we will always use laminated glass in our frameless glass balustrades. Should the first pane fail in anyway, the 2nd pane will remain intact and continue to protect anyone on the stairs or balcony.

Thanks to the thicker width of a laminated glass panel, it holds a few more advantages over a standard glass piece. These include both better insulation and great sound-deadening qualities. Furthermore, the plastic interlayer helps to block UV radiation, vastly reducing the amount of time before your curtains and other soft furnishings begin to fade.  Whilst laminated glass is a costlier investment than the standard offerings, it is less likely to need replacing thanks to its strengthening qualities.

Here at Glass and Stainless UK, we offer laminated glass as part of our renowned bespoke glass service. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and situation in greater detail.