Jack Schofield Survives Eventful Barcelona Ironman

Glass & Stainless sponsored triathlete Jack Schofield has successfully completed the 2018 Barcelona Ironman after overcoming huge difficulties in the bike section. We have closely followed his training and racing over the past year as Jack has built up to this race, the biggest of the 2018 season. This was to be the culmination of all the blood, sweat and tears that he has put in. Unfortunately, a run of bad luck kept Jack from his dream end to the season but he certainly did himself proud in this challenging race!

What is the Barcelona Ironman course like?

The Barcelona Ironman is renowned for being a relatively flat and fast course. The 3.8km swim takes place in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the gorgeous, sandy and palm tree lined beach of Calella. From there competitors set off on a 180km bike course over 2 laps, winding along the stunning coastline. The final leg, a 42.2km run, took place between Calella and Calella-Santa Susanna, with the runners completing 3 laps of the route.

The Swim

Typically Jack’s weakest element of the Ironman, his general approach is damage limitation. Thanks to the 5 second rolling start, the initial scrum was nowhere near as bad as it has been in previous races and Jack was able to set a quick pace as he plunged in. This was despite the fact that he was being battered by the relentless and unforgiving waves. With space to move and breathe, Jack was able to check his time and be reassured that he was making good progress as he headed back to shore. The return journey was incredibly rough, with 4ft waves regularly hitting him in the face but Jack held on to secure his target time of 1:05.

The Bike

On the bike is where Jack is at his most dangerous, using his considerable power to pick off the rest of the field one by one and more than make up for time lost in the water. In Barcelona however, Jack could sense that something was wrong right from the off. His front tyre was making an odd ticking noise, signifying that it wasn’t properly connected to the wheel. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t have a spare tyre. He chose to attack anyway and made good headway, moving through whole packs of athletes.

At around 60km a mechanic was able to take a look at the tyre and have it fixed in under 2 minutes. Jack was off again, eyes firmly on the front. Until disaster struck. A hole had blown in the tyre wall and it took all of Jack’s experience and concentration to safely stop the bike. At that point Jack had a decision to make. Give in and abandon the race or push on. Of course, he chose the latter. Picking up his bike, he started to run. Fortunately, there was a mechanic just 500m down the road who had Jack fixed up in 13 minutes. Time had been lost but Jack was still in the race.

But Jack’s bad luck hadn’t run out. Cycling through a roundabout his front tyre lost grip and fell from underneath him. Jack hit the ground at 40kph. At this point, most of us would accept defeat. Not Jack. Hip burning, he was back on the bike and chasing down the last 30km.

The Run

Having made the decision to complete the race, Jack put his all into this final stage. Making sure to stay on top of his nutrition and hydration, he was still aiming for a sub 3 hour marathon. The cheers from family and friends on the sidelines urged him on further and at the halfpoint he was exactly where he needed to be timewise. With 10km to go the pain had well and truly set in and Jack did have to slow. Crucially however, he finished the race.

What was his final race time?

Given the fast nature of the course, Jack was keen to set a PB in this Ironman. We’re thrilled to say that he did! His final finish time was 9:08:03 and he set PBs in both the run and swim in order to achieve that time. In fact, he was only five minutes off his bike PB, an absolutely terrific achievement given the technical difficulties. This race was a true test of character and Jack certainly passed. Everyone at Glass & Stainless is incredibly proud of him.

To keep up with Jack’s winter training exploits, check out his blog.


Jack Schofield Conquers Ironman Maastricht!

Another glorious summer weekend and more brilliant news from Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield! On the back of an impressive performance at the 2018 ITU World Long Distance Triathlon Championships where he placed 6th in his age group, Jack has just finished 2nd in his age group at Ironman Maastricht. In fact, his time of 09:16:57 was enough to see him into 8th place overall. This is the first time Jack has finished in the overall top 10 in an Ironman.

So how did he do it?

Before The Race

With only 3 weeks to prepare for Ironman Maastricht, you’d expect Jack to stick to what he knows. For the most part he did, committing to the usual rigorous training schedule punctuated by a few larger sessions. Recovery from the previous race went well and he was putting in consistent performances in training. However, he did decide to make one major change- nutrition. For the first time in a long distance race, Jack made the brave decision to not eat any real food during the race. Instead, he chose to be entirely reliant on a number of well-timed energy gels, 28 in total.

The Race

The day itself began with the usual early start, this time 4:30am, followed by a hearty breakfast. With the energy gel plan still in place, it was important for Jack to start off the day with as much nutritious food as possible.

With temperatures pushing past 30 degrees, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that wetsuits were banned from the swim. This opening leg of the Ironman has always been Jack’s weakest but he described feeling ‘smooth, comfortable, confident’ in this particular swim. He might not have been the fastest in the water but he was able to get an Ironman distance PB when others add several minutes to their normal time. Jack still wants to put a lot more training into this section of the race but he certainly seems to be on the right track!

As ever, it was on the bike that Jack really began to move up the ranks. Battling against terrible surfacing and a very technical bike course, it took a bit longer than normal for him to settle into the bike and get comfortable with a rhythm. However, Jack stuck to his plan and slowly began to move through the pack. This was made easier in the second half of the bike loop where the hills levelled out into a pretty flat surface. With half a mind on the upcoming marathon, Jack began to dial down the power in the final 30km.

Running a marathon in 30 degree heat is no mean feat, never mind following a gruelling swim and bike ride! Overheating was a real concern and a lack of frequent aid stations didn’t help matters. Despite the hot conditions, Jack was able to pass several athletes and come out with an incredible second place for his age group.

Across the race, Jack was able to move from being outside the top 200 in the swim to finishing inside the top 10 overall, a truly impressive result we’re sure you’ll agree!

If you want to learn more about Jack’s training and upcoming races, check out his blog here!

Jack Schofield Places 6th At 2018 Long Distance World Championship

Glass and Stainless is thrilled to say that our sponsored athlete Jack Schofield has finished 6th in his age group at the 2018 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship. This triathlon is comprised of a 3km swim, 121.5km bike ride and a 30.7km run– a truly impressive feat to complete, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Preparation

Prior to this competition, Jack had unfortunately crashed out of a triathlon during the bike leg. A lesser athlete may have been unsettled by this less than ideal build-up to a World Championship but Jack seems to have taken it all in his stride. In fact, he has spoken of his calmness on the morning of the World Championship race and how he confident he felt that.

Not all of the preparations went as smoothly as Jack would have liked, with the bike causing a few hiccups along the way. Upon arriving at the event early in the morning, he discovered that he had a flat tyre. Fortunately, he had come prepared for every eventuality and had 2 spare tubes to fix the issue. When it came to the transition itself however, Jack described it as a ‘shambles’. His bag was hung in the wrong place and valuable time was wasted searching with a marshal. Thankfully, Jack was able to make that time back up with an impressive performance on the bike.

The Race

First up though was the swim. Typically this is Jack’s weakest element and so his main priority was to keep the rest of the pack in sight, ready to overtake them on the bike. However, he was still able to knock an impressive 6 minutes off last year’s time in Canada by finishing in 54 minutes 48 seconds. Whilst negotiating the jellyfish and the churn of the starting waters, Jack was able to pick and hold a good line.

Out of the water and onto the bike! As the kilometres ticked down, Jack found himself moving closer and closer to the front of the pack, overtaking entire groups at a time. Meanwhile, no one was passing him. That was all the motivation Jack needed heading into the marathon.

Running has been a major focus of Jack’s training so far in 2018, evident in the fact that he recently posted a PB at the Manchester Marathon. With that in mind, he chose a quick pace that would help him make further ground. Unfortunately, that pace took its toll but Jack battled on to save as many places as possible. When the negative thoughts about giving up began to creep in, he drew on past race experience to push through.

In the end, Jack crossed the finish line in 6th place with a time of 06:07:31. He is incredibly proud of this achievement as it is the first time he has placed in the top 20 overall, not just his age group. This is a brilliant position for Jack to be in heading into the tail end of the season.

Jack has already got his entry in for the 2019 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship so we’ll keep you posted!


What’s Glass and Stainless’ Jack Schofield Been Up To?

As the summer heatwave sets in, we are firmly into the triathlon racing season. Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield has been putting all that winter training into action and has entered several races in preparation for the ITU Long Distance World Championships in July. Here’s a quick update of how he’s got on.

As you may recall, Jack started the 2018 season with the Manchester Marathon, posting a PB of 2:42:29. With such an impressive time, he has automatically qualified for a guaranteed championship spot at the London Marathon in 2019. Prior to the marathon, Jack underwent 2 weeks of cruelling training at a camp in Mallorca.

Next up was the picturesque Storm the Castle Duathlon at Ludlow Castle. A runner-up in last year’s race, Jack absolutely smashed it this year and placed first with a time of 1:59:41. 375 athletes took part in the 10km run, 33km bike ride and a final 5km finish which finished in the gorgeous castle grounds. The last stage featured the infamous ‘Lactic Ladder’ set of stairs to really test the competitors.

To further test the legs, Jack also took part in a Cheshire Points Series 50 mile time trial, finishing 6th overall. During that bike ride, Jack achieved a lifetime best in power output at 325W for 1:52:10.

Starting The Triathlons

Jack’s first triathlon of the 2018 season was a sprint distance race in Wilmslow on the 20th May. This triathlon consisted of a 400m swim, 24.2km and a 6.3km run. Going in, Jack had his sights set on a sub 1 hour 10 minutes finish. Not only did he finish the race in 1:08:54 (06:43 swim, 37:48 cycle, 22:19 run), Jack also crossed the line first overall.

From there, Jack had planned to compete in the Staffordshire Ironman 70.3 on the 10th June, but unfortunately injury forced him to pull out. As a half ironman, this would have consisted of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and 21.2km run. Sadly, Jack was also forced to pull out of another 70.3 event at Cholmondeley Castle on the 24th June.

Looking to the future, Jack will soon compete at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in Fyn, Denmark. The first major race of the year, it will provide a good indication of how he is performing against some of his main competitors.

Glass and Stainless are incredibly proud to support such an inspiring and motivated local Cheshire athlete. If you would like to learn more about Jack or see what else he’s been up to, head on over to his blog!


Jack Schofield Smashes The Manchester Marathon

Inspired by the Commonwealth Games, we’re starting to think about giving those New Year fitness resolutions another go. One person who needs little encouragement to get out on the bike or in the pool is Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield. He’s got his 2018 season off to a brilliant start with an impressive PB at the Manchester Marathon. Placing 61st overall, Jack posted a superb time of 2:42:29, well into that much sought-after sub 3-hour zone.

This was only Jack’s third ever marathon outside of a triathlon or duathlon set-up. His first stand-alone one was actually the 2017 Manchester Marathon where he managed an incredible 2:53:53. Not bad for a first attempt. Jack’s second effort was at the end of last season when he ran the Dublin marathon with little preparation beforehand. If anything, he did the opposite of what you’re supposed to and spent the day before eating pancakes before catching a late-night flight. That time he took it easy (for him!) and eased home in 3:14.

Prior to this race, Jack has spent much of the winter off season training, both in the UK and Spain. We definitely recommend that you check out Jack’s Instagram page to see what’s he been getting up to. The training camp over in Mallorca was all about getting as many miles under Jack’s belt as possible, prepping for those long hours on the bike and pounding the pavement in the punishing environment of an Ironman race. Along with athletes from 11 other countries, Jack managed the following:

  • 9,100m of swimming
  • 2km of cycling with 13,475m of climbing
  • 3km of running

I think you’ll agree with everyone at Glass and Stainless that those are some very impressive stats. We look forward to seeing how all that training pays off and will be sure to keep you updated on Jack’s progress. If you’d like to gain greater insight into his training and motivation, why not check out Jack’s blog?

Glass and Stainless Athlete Runs Marathon

As you may be aware, during 2017 the Glass and Stainless team made the decision to sponsor local long-distance triathlete Jack Schofield as he aimed to ascend through the worldwide rankings. Over the past few months we have kept you updated on his progress, with everything building up to the 2017 Kona Ironman World Championships, at which Jack had secured a starting place.

Unfortunately, the race did not go according to plan, largely due to a knee injury which has plagued Jack for much of the season. However, this should not overshadow just how enormous an achievement it was for Jack to qualify in the first place, or the numerous other accomplishments he has achieved in the past three years. These include two Ironman podiums, World Championship silver and bronze medals, and endless personal best records.

Glass and Stainless Sponsor Jack Schofield Takes On The Dublin Marathon

Upon his return from Kona, Jack has made the admirable decision not to wallow in disappointment but instead focus his sights on 2018. While he is yet to reveal his latest goals, he has thrown himself wholeheartedly back into training (injury permitting). Jack’s perseverance is clearly evident in his decision to run the Dublin marathon just two weeks after returning from Kona.

Jack entered this race with no set targets or expectations, aside from reaching the finishing line with no further injuries. He even bypassed his normal pre-race routine in favour of ice-cream and a few beers in Chester! Whilst such antics may spell the end for the rest of us, Jack’s months of preparation and training ensured that he was still able to produce a respectable performance on the day.

It was clear right from the start that Jack’s aim in this race was simply to have fun and enjoy the experience. Chatting and conversing with his co-runner for much of the 26 mile course, he even has the energy to work the crowd for a few high fives! Clocking in at 3 hours 14 minutes, Jack placed 12th for his age range and gender.

Since the Dublin marathon, Jack has get stuck back into his swimming training with the Satellites Club and his track running sessions with a City of Stoke AC coach. Everyone at Glass and Stainless would like to wish Jack the best of luck during his winter training for the upcoming 2018 triathlon season.

If you want to follow Jack’s 2018 season, you can follow him on Twitter, read his blog or check out his Strava.

Glass and Stainless Athlete Conquers South Manchester Triathlon

Glass and Stainless would like to congratulate local GB triathlete Jack Scofield on his recent third place finish at the South Manchester Triathlon. Noticing that he is clearly an athlete on the rise, Glass and Stainless have recently begun to sponsor Jack and are keen to keep you up to date with all his growing achievements.


Glass and Stainless Get Behind GB Triathlete  

Taking place in Wilmslow, Cheshire, the South Manchester Triathlon consists of a 400m pool swim, a 24km bike ride and a 6.5km run. Generally, Jack prefers longer distance events but he was keen to get another race under his belt ahead of the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Since sustaining a knee injury back in March, Jack’s focus has very much been on getting back up to full fitness, looking to push as hard as possible at the championships. The Wilmslow event was all about putting a few demons to rest ahead of the big race.

Wary of picking up anymore injuries, Jack’s main goal was ‘not to do anything stupid’. Going out hard with 16 laps of the pool in 6:26 minutes, he was quickly away on the bike. It was at this stage that the knee injury began to make itself known. Nevertheless, Jack managed to tackle the flat windy course in 38:07 minutes, with an average speed of 38.6kph. Still managing the pain, he held on to a sub 4 minute pace to complete the run in 23:59. Overall, Jack posted an impressive time of 1:10:57, giving him third place (second in the age group).


Ironman World Championship 2017

With this preparation race over and done with, Jack is now going through last few bits of training before the Ironman World Championship in Kona. In order to qualify, athletes must have placed in one of the 2017 qualification races earlier in the season. The race will take place on the 14th October but Jack is heading out early. It is crucial when competing overseas in vastly different time zones that athletes allow themselves time to recover from jet lag and acclimatise to the new conditions.

If you want to follow Jack’s experience in the coming weeks, you can follow him on Twitter, read his blog or check out his Strava.