Jack Schofield Smashes The Manchester Marathon

Inspired by the Commonwealth Games, we’re starting to think about giving those New Year fitness resolutions another go. One person who needs little encouragement to get out on the bike or in the pool is Glass and Stainless sponsored athlete Jack Schofield. He’s got his 2018 season off to a brilliant start with an impressive PB at the Manchester Marathon. Placing 61st overall, Jack posted a superb time of 2:42:29, well into that much sought-after sub 3-hour zone.

This was only Jack’s third ever marathon outside of a triathlon or duathlon set-up. His first stand-alone one was actually the 2017 Manchester Marathon where he managed an incredible 2:53:53. Not bad for a first attempt. Jack’s second effort was at the end of last season when he ran the Dublin marathon with little preparation beforehand. If anything, he did the opposite of what you’re supposed to and spent the day before eating pancakes before catching a late-night flight. That time he took it easy (for him!) and eased home in 3:14.

Prior to this race, Jack has spent much of the winter off season training, both in the UK and Spain. We definitely recommend that you check out Jack’s Instagram page to see what’s he been getting up to. The training camp over in Mallorca was all about getting as many miles under Jack’s belt as possible, prepping for those long hours on the bike and pounding the pavement in the punishing environment of an Ironman race. Along with athletes from 11 other countries, Jack managed the following:

  • 9,100m of swimming
  • 2km of cycling with 13,475m of climbing
  • 3km of running

I think you’ll agree with everyone at Glass and Stainless that those are some very impressive stats. We look forward to seeing how all that training pays off and will be sure to keep you updated on Jack’s progress. If you’d like to gain greater insight into his training and motivation, why not check out Jack’s blog?