Jack Schofield Places 6th At 2018 Long Distance World Championship

Glass and Stainless is thrilled to say that our sponsored athlete Jack Schofield has finished 6th in his age group at the 2018 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship. This triathlon is comprised of a 3km swim, 121.5km bike ride and a 30.7km run– a truly impressive feat to complete, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Preparation

Prior to this competition, Jack had unfortunately crashed out of a triathlon during the bike leg. A lesser athlete may have been unsettled by this less than ideal build-up to a World Championship but Jack seems to have taken it all in his stride. In fact, he has spoken of his calmness on the morning of the World Championship race and how he confident he felt that.

Not all of the preparations went as smoothly as Jack would have liked, with the bike causing a few hiccups along the way. Upon arriving at the event early in the morning, he discovered that he had a flat tyre. Fortunately, he had come prepared for every eventuality and had 2 spare tubes to fix the issue. When it came to the transition itself however, Jack described it as a ‘shambles’. His bag was hung in the wrong place and valuable time was wasted searching with a marshal. Thankfully, Jack was able to make that time back up with an impressive performance on the bike.

The Race

First up though was the swim. Typically this is Jack’s weakest element and so his main priority was to keep the rest of the pack in sight, ready to overtake them on the bike. However, he was still able to knock an impressive 6 minutes off last year’s time in Canada by finishing in 54 minutes 48 seconds. Whilst negotiating the jellyfish and the churn of the starting waters, Jack was able to pick and hold a good line.

Out of the water and onto the bike! As the kilometres ticked down, Jack found himself moving closer and closer to the front of the pack, overtaking entire groups at a time. Meanwhile, no one was passing him. That was all the motivation Jack needed heading into the marathon.

Running has been a major focus of Jack’s training so far in 2018, evident in the fact that he recently posted a PB at the Manchester Marathon. With that in mind, he chose a quick pace that would help him make further ground. Unfortunately, that pace took its toll but Jack battled on to save as many places as possible. When the negative thoughts about giving up began to creep in, he drew on past race experience to push through.

In the end, Jack crossed the finish line in 6th place with a time of 06:07:31. He is incredibly proud of this achievement as it is the first time he has placed in the top 20 overall, not just his age group. This is a brilliant position for Jack to be in heading into the tail end of the season.

Jack has already got his entry in for the 2019 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship so we’ll keep you posted!