How To Transform Your Hallway With A Staircase Refurbishment

When thinking about interior design, homeowners neglect their hallways at their peril. Your
hallway is often the main reception point where you welcome guests, giving them their first
glimpse into your home. And as they say, those first impressions count.

For this reason, many people are dissatisfied with their hallways. The dingy, narrow,
cramped walkways they are stuck with do not at all convey the look and feel they want to
create in their home. Deep down, they want guests to be struck by how bright and modern
their home is, not shuffling in single file to squeeze past the coat rack.

What they need is a staircase refurbishment. This is how to transform your hallway with a staircase refurbishment.

How To Transform Your Hallway With A Staircase Refurbishment

Unless you own a bungalow, nine homes out of 10 have their staircase located in their
hallway. This plays a major factor in making reception areas feel cramped and
claustrophobic. Stairwells take up a significant amount of space and are often ‘closed’
underneath, i.e. the space between the treads is used as a cupboard or cubby hole.
One obvious way to create more space in your hallway is to open up your staircase.
‘Floating’ stairs come in all sorts of designs, but the main principle is to create additional
room by leaving the space underneath the treads open.

There are many options for expanding on this theme to create an even greater impression of
space. One is to have no riser between each step, meaning you leave the back of each
tread open. An alternative to having no treads at all would be to use glass, which provides
additional safety and support but still gives the same spacious feel being able to ‘see
through the stairs’ creates.

Benefits Of Glass Balustrades

Glass is an extremely useful material for opening up a staircase to give your hallway a
bright, contemporary feel. More common than glass risers, we are seeing more and more
homeowners opt for glass balustrades on their stairs rather than a traditional spindle and
handrail system.

Glass balustrades make a perfect pairing for open staircases because of the way they open
up lines of sight. In complete contrast to the typically closed, cramped feel of a standard
hallway, opening up the space under the stairs and using glass on the staircase itself means
you can quite literally see more of the space available, making it look and feel bigger. In
addition, because it is transparent, glass allows you to make the most of natural light as it
offers no restrictions to how it filters down from upstairs windows or in through the front door.

Another great reason to use glass to transform your staircase is its versatility. If you really
want to go all out for a sharp, cutting edge look in your hallway, glass balustrades are commonly paired with stainless steel posts and handrails to achieve an highly effective
contemporary look. On the other hand, if you want something a little more traditional that
nonetheless creates a brighter, more open look, glass can also be effectively paired with
timber to achieve a very sophisticated staircase design.

Now your clued up on how to transform your hallway with a staircase refurbishment, get in touch with Glass & Stainless to discuss how we could help you with the design, production and installation of the necessary parts.