How To Light Up Your Home With Bespoke Glass Shelves

Shelving is a necessity in most properties, whether they be residential or commercial, but few people give them much consideration. All too often they’re simply an after-thought. This is despite the fact that the right shelving can totally transform a room. Light up your home with bespoke glass shelves that are easy to clean and maintain, and show off your possessions to best effect. Appearing to float in midair, bespoke glass shelves can become a stunning feature in any space.

How To Light Up Your Home With Bespoke Glass Shelves

The Hidden Strength Of Glass

The reluctance most people have with using glass shelving surrounds its strength. Our instinct with glass is to treat the material as though it might shatter if any pressure is exerted upon it. Of course, this instinct is correct with standard annealed glass. But our glass shelving is essentially created using a toughened tempered glass. This type of glass is formed using a specific heating and cooling technique that introduces tension between the different internal layers of glass. It is this tension that gives tempered glass its remarkable strength, four times greater than that of standard annealed glass. As a result, bespoke glass shelves are more than capable of supporting the weight of your treasured possessions.

As an added bonus, people’s misconceptions about bespoke glass shelves could actually work in your favour once they’re installed. Individuals are far more likely to pick up and place down your possession with delicate care and attention if they think there’s a risk that they might accidentally cause some damage.

Providing Additional Light

If you’re wondering how to light up you home with bespoke glass shelves, you don’t need to look any further than their transparent nature. Light is able to pass freely through the glass, giving the space a brighter and more airy feeling. If you’ve got a lot of shelving in a room, it can easily become quite dark and oppressive as each one casts its own shadow.

Bespoke glass shelves also work particularly well with LED lights which can provide a soft and subtle illumination. These can be positioned underneath, above or to the side of the shelf, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. LED lights are available in a variety of colours and so can easily be tied into your existing colour scheme.

Easy To Maintain

When it comes cleaning and ongoing maintenance, bespoke glass shelves are far easier to deal with than wooden ones. If something is split on them, the glass doesn’t stain or start to warp. All you need to clean glass is a lint-free cloth and for more stubborn dirt, a glass cleaning spray. Over time, wood can begin to discolour and paint can start to chip, so you have to spend time and effort staining or painting it. Bespoke glass shelves don’t have that problem.

Extremely Versatile

When we say bespoke glass shelves, we truly mean it. Glass can be cut to fit even the most awkward of angles and a number of different finishes can be applied, including colour tints, etching and frosting.


If you’re thinking about how to light up your home with bespoke glass shelves, get in touch with Glass & Stainless today to see how we can help you.