How To Install Cantilevered Glass Staircases

Cantilevered glass staircases, commonly known as floating staircases, are a bold statement of interior design. With an almost sculptural aesthetic, they quickly become a talking point and source of intrigue. Whilst commonly installed in contemporary settings with lots of flattering light, they can complement any style of interior design. Treads can be made from a variety of materials including wood and metal, but only glass can truly give you that sensation of floating in mid-air.


How To Install Cantilevered Glass Staircases

Sadly, floating staircases aren’t actually held up by magic. Each tread is affixed to the wall on only one side but the attachment is hidden. None of the treads are connected to each other, hence the illusion. There are several means of attachment for you to choose from but your decision will most likely depend on the state of the load-bearing wall. Cantilevered staircases are easiest to install during an extensive renovation or a brand new build as support can be built into the very fabric of the building. They can be retrofitted in most homes but we would recommend that you seek the professional opinion of a structural engineer.

In a new build situation, we would recommend that you construct the load-bearing wall with the staircase in mind. Prior to pouring concrete into the form structure, you should insert prefabricated anchor points as well as reinforced steel. Can use temporary inserts whilst you plaster or clad the wall and then affix the real treads when you’re on the last finishes.

Alternatively, you could use a stud partition wall and steel string.  The steel string is attached to a foot plate anchored to the floor as well as being affixed to the stud wall. Anchoring pockets can then be used to install the treads. This wall may be further reinforced by metal sheeting.

In order to meet UK building regulations you will need to ensure that all treads are placed the minimum distance apart. Toughened glass is more than equal to the job of supporting your weight, but if you want further reassurance you can add a balustrade or handrail system. Another popular add-on is foot level lighting, which could even be coloured for that wow factor.

Glass and Stainless can cut glass treads to your perfect size and provide complimentary balustrades. Contact us today to see how we can transform your staircase.