How To Fit Glass Clamps

Glass balustrade systems are incredibly popular right now. More and more people want to take advantage of the excellent views they provide, both internally and externally. For traditionally dark and quite enclosed spaces like staircases, a glass balustrade can truly help open up the space and allow in an abundance of light. Glass balustrades are made from toughened glass which is incredibly strong and perfectly safe for use in the home. If you’re keen to install your own glass balustrade, here are our tips on how to fit glass clamps.

Choosing How To Secure Your Glass Panels

When it comes to installing glass balustrades, you’ll need to make a decision on how to affix your glass panels to the support. You have two main options- a channel or posts. For a frameless glass balustrade effect, the glass panels can be held in place by a metal channel inlaid in your floor. This option can take a little more time and skill as you’ll need to cut into your current flooring. On the upside however, you are rewarded with an uninterrupted expanse of glass through which you can admire the view.

Alternatively, the glass panels can be supported in place by glass clamps attached to balustrade posts. The posts themselves needn’t be bulky or unattractive. You could choose a slim and unobtrusive design made from stainless steel, timber, marble or stone. All of these materials sit well with stainless steel glass clamps. Timber balustrade posts are slightly unusual in that they are soft enough for the glass clamps to be screwed straight into. For metal and stone balustrade posts you will need to break out the drill.

How To Fit Glass Clamps

The key thing to remember when attaching clamps to glass panels is weight distribution. You need to ensure that the weight of the glass is evenly distributed along the length of the post, rather than being top or bottom heavy. We would recommend that you use 4 clamps per square metre of glass to be confident in the support. Typically, people will attach the clamps towards the top and bottom of the post. Just make sure that they’re in the exact same place on each.

If you attach the clamps correctly, there is no need to drill into the glass. Don’t try and do so because toughened glass should only be drilled in the early stages of production.

When you are buying your clamps double check that you have the right size for your thickness of glass. Fail to do so and the glass will be too loose within the fixing and won’t be secured in place. Too tight and the glass simply won’t fit. Most clamps have adjustable screws so you can tighten the the clamp into place around the glass panel. They also typically have a rubber gasket which can stretch around the glass as you fit it and then spring back into position.

We recommend that you gradually tighten the glass clamps on one piece of glass at the same time. If you tighten just one all the way, the glass could begin to bend and even crack. By doing it a bit at a time all the way round the panel, the pressure is evenly distributed.

Glass and Stainless can install your glass balustrade system to show you how to fit glass clamps. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.