How to Create a Pinterest Perfect Bathroom with Bespoke Glass

Pinterest, the image-based social media site, has transformed how people approach interior design. Now enthusiastic DIY home improvers automatically turn to the platform for inspiration, using the hundreds and thousands of images posted to the site from around the world to formulate their own grand designs, including bespoke glass.

The phenomenon has even given rise to a new phrase – Pinterest perfect. Something that is ‘Pinterest perfect’ is quite literally something that is good enough to post on Pinterest – an image or a design that is considered aesthetically pleasing enough to inspire and excite others, winning lots of admiration and shares.

So what are the practical secrets behind creating that Pinterest perfect bathroom? Here are some great tips for how bespoke glass can make all the difference in crafting that winning design.

Make your shower a feature with bespoke glass

Struggling to get excited about plain old shower cubicles? Looking for something that will create an eye-catching centrepiece to anchor your entire bathroom design? With bespoke glass panels, shower screens don’t have to be samey.

One of the great things about custom-made glass is that you can shape it however you wish. Awkward spaces in your bathroom can be brought into use as a walk-in shower, while you have the freedom to experiment with different sizes and types of basin, including curved edges. One really attractive option is to build a base out of brick and tile it, installing glass panels on top to fit. Alternatively, floor-to-ceiling frameless shower enclosures give any bathroom an attractive contemporary edge.

Get creative with bespoke privacy glass

Privacy in your bathroom takes on more importance than in any other room in the house. For that reason, many designers and homeowners alike resort to full wooden doors and heavy blinds or curtains to make sure no one can ever see in. The downside, of course, is that this can make bathrooms rather dark and dingy.

The best way to increase natural light levels in your bathroom is to use more privacy glass on windows, doors and even shower cubicles. Frosted glass is a timeless favourite – not only does it obscure what you can see while still allowing light to filter through, it can be etched into attractive designs which add to the aesthetic appeal of you bathroom. Other options to experiment with include tinted glass, which adds a wash of colour.

If you really want to push the boat out, smart glass is a fantastic futuristic option. Turning transparent glass opaque when an electrical charge is applied, you could, for example, have a full smart glass door showing off your wonderful bathroom design when it is not in use. Then as soon as someone flicks on the light switch, the smart glass turns opaque, giving them the privacy they need.

Bespoke glass in unusual places

It is easy to think of glass in purely functional terms when designing interiors, a material you use in windows and for shower screens and so on. But glass brings an aesthetic value of its own and can create stunning effects when used in unusual and original ways.

For example, instead of tiling bathroom walls, think about creating features using glass panes. Combinations of frosted, mirrored and tinted glass can be used to achieve all sorts of amazing results, your imagination really is the only limit. Another great idea is to incorporate glass at floor level. Glass flooring can be combined with lighting to give your bathroom a relaxed uplit ambience, while using glass treads to build steps up to shower cubicles or hot tubs adds another intriguing touch.

If you’re looking for advice on how to create a Pinterest perfect bathroom with bespoke glass, Glass & Stainless have all the necessary experience and expertise. Get in touch today to see how we can help.