How To Fit Glass Stair Panels

If you’re thinking of taking the DIY approach and want to learn how to fit glass stair panels, this is a good place to start. Whether you’re using a clamp or channel system, we’ll guide you through the basics. How To Fit Glass Stair Panels The Importance Of Measuring Twice At Glass & Stainless, all […]

How To Order Bespoke Glass Online

Consider The Type Of Glass Measure Multiple Times Use The Glass & Stainless Calculator Plan The Installation Ask For Help How To Order Bespoke Glass Online Consider The Type Of Glass What is it that you are trying to achieve with you bespoke glass panels? The answer to this question will have a huge impact […]

How To Fit A Glass Balustrade For Easy Installation

Wondering how to fit a glass balustrade for easy installation? Look no further! We’ve broken the process down into four easy steps: Measuring and marking Installing the support posts Attaching the glass clamps Fitting the glass clamps The installation method will vary slightly depending on your choice of material for the underlying surface For example, […]

How to Create a Pinterest Perfect Bathroom with Bespoke Glass

Pinterest, the image-based social media site, has transformed how people approach interior design. Now enthusiastic DIY home improvers automatically turn to the platform for inspiration, using the hundreds and thousands of images posted to the site from around the world to formulate their own grand designs, including bespoke glass. The phenomenon has even given rise […]

How To Install Skylights

If you are a keen on DIY and have a familiarity with carpentry, you might be thinking about how to install skylights. This can be a good way to keep down costs but you need to be confident in what you’re doing. If in doubt, get a professional to do the work. How To Install […]

3 Ways To Use An Opaque Glass Partition Wall

Here are our top 3 ways to use an opaque glass partition wall: To provide privacy whilst maintaining natural light To switch between privacy and transparency To create a blank canvas Providing privacy whilst maintaining natural light with an opaque glass partition wall With an opaque glass partition wall, you get the best of both […]

How To Install Glass Shower Door Handles

Glass shower door handles come in a whole range of styles and sizes. At the most basic level you need to decide whether or not to choose a set of back to back handles that work in pairs, or a single mount handle which can function on its own. You also have the choice of […]

How To Install A Sliding Glass Shower Door (With Frame)

Given the choice between a shower curtain and a glass shower door, we would always recommend the latter. From a practical perspective, they are for more waterproof than a shower curtain as the entire space is sealed shut with no gaps. A glass shower door is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to worry […]

How To Install A Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks are a brilliant way of adding a bold splash of colour to any kitchen. They come with the added benefit of having a highly reflective surface which light can easily bounce off, making a room feel bigger and lighter. Here’s how to install a glass splashback in 5 easy steps. Remember, when working […]

Planning Your Glass Garden Room Extension

Glass garden room extensions, also known as glass boxes, are an ultra-modern way of opening your home up to the great outdoors. Large frameless glass panels will give you stunning panoramic views, supported by sympathetic aluminium frames. By adding sliding or bifold doors, you can easily step out onto a patio or into the garden. […]

Choosing The Ideal Glass Canopy For Your Front Door

Glass canopies are brilliant for giving visitors an excellent first impression of your building, whether it be a commercial premises or your own lovely home. They’ll be particularly thankful when the weather is awful and they want to shelter from the rain or hail. Meanwhile, you aren’t left rushing to answer the door as quickly […]

Types Of Glass Flooring: Finding The Perfect Finish

Glass is glass right? Wrong! There is a variety of types of glass flooring out there for you to choose from, and each is going to give you a slightly different look. From the opacity of the glass to its shape and colour, the options are numerous. To help you make some important decisions, we’ve […]

How Best to Use Bespoke Glass

Whatever the project, things always feel so much better with design and installation work when you can create with freedom. Off the shelf, prefabricated products might offer convenience, but you are restricted in where and how you can use them. What if the space you are working with does not fit the dimensions available? What […]

Join Glass & Stainless at the NEC!

What have you got planned for the last weekend in March? If you’ve got nothing on, why not head to the UK’s biggest home design and fabrications industry extravaganza – the National Homebuilding & Renovation Show? While you are there, you can stop by and say hello to the Glass & Stainless team, who are […]

How to maintain stainless steel

Introduction Stainless steels are selected in applications where their inherent corrosion resistance, strength and aesthetic appeal are required. However, dependent on the service conditions, stainless steels will stain and discolour due to surface deposits and so cannot be assumed to be completely maintenance free. In order to achieve maximum corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, the […]

How to maintain your glass

Glass is amongst the hardest of common construction materials currently being used. However, even though glass is very hard it is susceptible to damage from a variety of sources and requires care and regular maintenance to retain the original appearance. Since the primary purpose of glass is to be viewed through, damage to the glass […]

Measuring glass

How to measure your glass

Whether you need a one off piece of straight glass, some shaped glass or a number of panels, measuring for your glass requirements is an important part of the process and avoids the heartache of getting your glass delivered only to find out it’s the wrong size for your requirements. At Glass & Stainless we […]