Glass Floor Designs

When it comes to flooring, glass floors are the ultimate in modern sophisticated. Incredibly beautiful, glass floor designs come in an outstanding variety, from the clean and simple to the intricately elegant. We use toughened glass supported by metal frames to ensure strength and durability, meaning that you can use glass floor pretty much wherever you would like, in both residential and commercial properties.

Glass floors have numerous benefits. Most obviously, they are transparent. This means that light can pass freely between two rooms, brightening up darker, more enclosed spaces like basements. These rooms then feel more open and airy. As well as being practical however, glass floors can be used to make a real design statement in your property. Here’s how.

Glass Floor Design Ideas

Adding Colour

If you want to make a bold statement with your glass floor, why not add colour? Two different techniques can be used to achieve this effect, depending on how intense you wish the colour to be. With the addition of a particular metal oxide, glass gains a subtle tint. Additional iron gives a green colour, cobalt or iron creates blue and either iron, selenium or cobalt can be used to produce bronze.

For a bigger impact, we can insert coloured layers between layers of laminated glass. These layers can be created in any colour, as bright or sophisticated as you like, and can be used internally or externally without the risk of distortion.

Showing Off A Collection

If you’ve got the space below, glass floors are a brilliant way of displaying a beloved collection whilst keeping them safe from damage. Common examples are books, wine bottles or corks but you could choose nearly any non-perishable object to fill the space. It may be that you there is already something in situ that you want to show off! Glass floors are an excellent solution for people who wish to protect any archaeology that their property sits on top of.

Combining With A Water Feature

Arguably, the most impressive way of using a glass floor is over a water feature. This glass floor design idea gives the amazing sensation of walking on water. For the greatest effect, we recommend having the glass cut into a custom shape of a winding river or curved lake, simulating the real life thing.

Opaque Glass

In some rooms, like bedrooms and bathrooms, you might be concerned about the level of privacy a glass floor can provide. Don’t worry! Frosted or satin glass can be used to maintain your privacy whilst ensuring that some light is still able to enter to the space.

Etched Glass

For a more decorative effect, why not choose to have a gorgeously intricate design etched into the surface of the glass floor? Certain geometric, more regular patterns can actually help to create a slip-resistant surface.

External Glass Balcony Floors

Lots of external balconies make excellent use of glass balustrades, but have you ever considered truly maximising your view with a glass balcony floor? If you’ve got a head for heights, this is a brilliant way of achieving the sensation of floating on air. Toughened glass is incredibly strong and perfectly safe for this use.

Glass Walkway

In larger properties where there are two wings, a glass walkway is a stunning way of connecting the two areas. If your property has a double height atrium, a glass walkway would certainly make an impression and provide an excellent view of the space below.


At Glass & Stainless, we have experience producing a wide variety of glass floor designs. To discuss your ideas and requirements, please do get in touch today.