What is a glass canopy walkway?

A glass canopy walkway is simply an enclosed walkway structure in which both the walls and ceilings can be constructed from glass. In some instances, the ceiling may instead be built from metal but the completely glass option helps to create gorgeous elongated glass box effect. Such a structure is typically used to link two separate buildings, different sections of the same building or even a building with an outside space, such as a car park. In the latter instance, the enclosed glass canopy walkway might connect to a more common glass canopy over the entranceway.

For structural and safety reasons, glass canopy walkways are made from toughened or laminated glass. Both types of glass are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

The supporting structure can be made from a variety of metals but our preferred choice and recommendation is stainless steel. As the name suggests, stainless steel is far more resistant to corrosion. This makes it ideal for use outdoors where it will be subject to heavy rainfall or even snow. It also performs strongly when battered by high winds.

On the whole, a glass canopy provides a sleek, modern and contemporary look with minimal intrusions on your view.

What are the benefits of a glass canopy walkway?

The most obvious benefit of a glass canopy walkway is the shelter it provides. It allows you to easily move between two spaces without risking getting wet, windswept and freezing cold. Unsurprisingly, an enclosed glass canopy walkway will provide greater shelter than one with open sides. In a more public space, like an office, a glass canopy walkway can leave visitors with an excellent first impression of your business. Nobody likes to be left waiting in inclement weather while you answer the door!

In addition, the enclosed nature of a glass canopy walkway means that the sound of rain and wind is deadened somewhat, allowing you to enjoy the view without being disturbed or aggravated.

Unlike a traditional walled corridor, you retain an abundance of natural light by choosing a glass canopy walkway. It is able to flood in from both sides, keeping what can be a fairly narrow space feeling bright, airy and open rather than dark and claustrophobic. If you would like to retain the light benefits that glass provides but would prefer to keep the space quite private, you could choose to use a translucent type of glass, like frosted or satin glass.

On a more practical note, glass is an easy to maintain material. It can be kept clean with just standard soapy water, a task normally completed by your normal window cleaner.

What types of glass canopy walkway are available?

At Glass & Stainless, we can make bespoke glass canopy walkways in any shape or size in accordance with your unique requirements. It can be designed to perfectly fit with your property, reflecting and complimenting its architectural features. Alternatively, we can create a glass canopy walkway which stands out as a real point of contrast, something that catches the eye and makes people stop and stare. A structure like this works equally as well on modern and period properties.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, you could certainly choose to add colour or an etched design to the glass.

At Glass & Stainless, we can offer you advice on the design, installation and benefits of glass canopy walkways. To learn more, get in touch today.