Get Summer Ready With Glass Railing For Your Deck

Whilst it may not feel like it right now, spring is well and truly here. In between downpours and unexpected snow showers, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer. Work hard now and you’ll reap the benefits in the sun. For a clean and contemporary look, why not invest in glass railing for your deck?

Nothing says summer like outdoor living. On a hot sunny day, it can be deeply satisfying to open a set of sliding glass doors and step out onto a deck. A deck is an incredibly versatile space. It can simply be somewhere for you to sip a lovely cold drink whilst watching a beautiful sunset, or can be transformed into a modern entertainment space, perfect for barbeques and parties. If you’re a regular party animal, you could even install a bar or cooking area.

Choosing A Glass Railing For Your Deck

To elevate the look and feel of your deck, we recommend that you invest in a glass railing for your deck. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a glass railing will help to open up your garden whilst improving safety. Glass railings are easy to clean and require little maintenance.

The obvious advantage of frameless glass balustrades is the unobstructed view they provide. If you are fortunate enough to have a wonderful garden view, you should make the most of it. A traditional wooden or stone balustrade might look impressive, but it rather defeats the point of having a view.

However, if you’d rather that your decking area remains secluded, we can produce an opaquer glass. Frosted glass is perfect for anyone searching for a little privacy whilst retaining a sleek and ultramodern feel.

Glass panels are simply held in place by glass connectors, so there is no need for any supporting metal, wood or plastic posts which can impede your view. Laminated glass is exceedingly strong, resilient and shatterproof, so works well as a safety barrier. For extra security, we would recommend that you add a handrail. This can be made from a variety of materials but our favourite option is stainless steel.

Making Your Glass Railing Stand Out

For added interest, you could add additional decoration to the glass railing for your deck. One subtle embellishment is a colour tint. If you’re keen to create a cohesive look outside and in your home, you could choose a colour that matches the interior décor or the garden furniture. Another decorative option is etching. We can etch any design of your choosing into the glass panels, from flowing florals to precise geometric shapes.

At Glass and Stainless, we can provide you with bespoke glass that is cut to your exact requirements. If you wish to install a glass railing for your deck yourself, we are more than willing to provide you with the necessary guidance. Alternatively, we can install the balustrade for you.

Glass and Stainless have the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect glass railing for your deck. Contact us today to discuss your specification.