Get Ready for Summer with New Decking Railings and Balustrades

With the late light evenings and the first few warm days already teasing us out of doors, thoughts turn to the garden and how to make the most of what will (fingers crossed!) be plenty of great weather to come.

Top of that list is making sure you have a comfortable area to sit and enjoy the best the summer has to offer. Decking continues to be a popular option, providing more versatility than a patio because it can be built at different levels.

But whether you are thinking about building a decked area for the first time, or are just sprucing up an old installation, what about railings and balustrades? The perfect outdoor area is not just about the surface you sit on, but about how it is finished and enclosed too.

This year, why not think outside the box and make a statement with your decking surround? A glass decking balustrade system with stainless steel railings oozes cutting edge contemporary style, but also offers lots of practical advantages in the garden.

Here are three key reasons to go glass and stainless with your decking this year:

Keep your Garden in Plain Sight

One of the things which puts people off having balustrades around their decked areas is that it blocks of the lines of sight to their garden as they sit and relax. However, if you have a raised deck at any height, you have to enclose it for safety reasons. In this case, glass balustrades for decking offer the perfect solution – tough laminated glass provides a safe and secure barrier, but the transparent panes mean you can still sit and enjoy the view.

Create a Heat Trap

A main reason people like to enclose their decked areas or patios is to create a barrier to the wind, turning their outdoor seating area into a little sun trap where they stay nice and warm even on breezier days. Using glass balustrades accentuates this further – the warmth of the sun will be intensified by glass panes, creating a warming effect within the perimeter.

Reduce Maintenance

Decking railings have  a dual purpose, they create an attractive finish to your balustrades but they also have a practical use as a support to lean on or hold. As with decked flooring, wooden balustrade posts and railings need regular maintenance, with a minimum of being stained and sealed to protect against rain and frost, and a realistic shelf life of perhaps five years before they need to be replaced. Stainless decking railings, on the other hand, are much tougher and longer lasting. Completely weather resistant and very durable, stainless steel railings won’t soften, splinter or deteriorate, with no ongoing maintenance needed beyond the occasional clean.