Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Frameless glass sliding doors can be a brilliant means of welcoming an abundance of light into your home or office. Thanks to the distinctive frameless structure, you can achieve a gloriously unobstructed view through the glass. You cannot achieve this effect with a standard set of French doors. Boasting a strong contemporary look with crisp clean lines, a frameless glass sliding door might ideal for modernising your space.

A frameless glass sliding door can be used internally to separate rooms or to partition a space within a room. The toughened glass ensures that these doors are suitable for all rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen, where there is of course a greater chance of someone slipping. Furthermore, glass is resistant to water damage which makes it ideal for these rooms.

How To Use Your Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

To truly maximise the impact of frameless glass sliding doors, we would encourage you to de-clutter the surrounding space, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view. We would also recommend that you paint or wallpaper the room’s walls with a lighter shade. This will allow the light to reflect around the space whereas dark colours will simply absorb it.

If you are at all concerned about privacy, we would recommend adding a slight colour tint to the glass. There are a wide variety of shades available so you should be able to perfectly coordinate with your interior design. This option may be particularly useful if you are keen to try opening up the space between a bathroom and bedroom, or maybe a walk-in wardrobe and bedroom. While it may seem at odd first, this technique has been used to great effect by some of the world’s leading hotels. It’s a brilliant way of injecting a sense of boutique luxury into your home.

To create a truly seamless transition from one space to another, we would recommend investing in some recessed tracks. These have the added advantage of being less difficult to trip over!

At Glass and Stainless, we can design, produce and install your perfect bespoke frameless glass sliding door, complete with all the fixtures and fittings. Get in touch today to discuss your specification.