Bespoke glass partitions are a brilliant way of dividing up a room without compromising the level of light in either space. Additional decorative flourishes can turn it into a stunning piece of interior design, that has numerous practical benefits. Different types of bespoke glass depending on the level of privacy you require.

Showcasing Your Brand With Bespoke Glass Partitions

In a commercial setting, bespoke glass partitions can be used to excellent effect to display your brand. By choosing to use frosted or satin glass, you can ask for the design of you choosing to be etched into it. The glass etching process works by apply heated hydrofluoric acid to the topmost layer of glass, which erodes away the surface, providing a cloudier and more opaque effect. Some areas can be masked during this process, ensuring that they remain perfectly clear and thus producing a gorgeous etched glass design. This design can be made up of unique shapes, letters or repeating patterns. For added impact, why not incorporate a pop of colour? With etched bespoke glass partitions, you have the ability to see your logo, strapline or company values come alive within the building.

Providing Privacy With Bespoke Glass Partitions

Whether you’re in a commercial or residential property, there are times when you’re going to want greater privacy than a transparent bespoke glass partition can provide. That’s where frosted glass or satin glass come in. These types of glass are translucent, not transparent. This means that they still allow a great deal of light to pass between two spaces but that distinctive shapes become blurred and undefined. The further away from the glass an object is, the more indistinct it becomes.

We believe that privacy glass partitions can be used to great effect in open plan offices where you may wish to section off an area for confidential discussions and meetings. Hotels are increasingly making excellent use of satin glass partitions in their rooms, separating the bathroom from the main bedroom area. This interior design trend has solved that perennial issue of windowless, often claustrophobic feeling hotel bathrooms, by allowing natural light from the bedroom to flood the space.

Switching Between Transparent And Opaque Bespoke Glass Partitions

If you would like to have the ability to switch between translucent and transparent glass, we would recommend choosing a intelligent glass partition. Also known as smart or electrochromic glass, intelligent glass changes opacity when an electrical current is applied. When the electricity is turned off, the molecules within the glass are all randomly orientated, blocking some light from passing straight through and instead scattering it. Flick the switch however, and the electrical current forces the molecules to align. Light can then pass straight through, creating a completely transparent bespoke glass partition.

Alongside providing greater privacy, intelligent glass also allows you to control the temperature of a space. In the summer, opaque glass acts as a guard against solar gain, meaning that there is less need for costly air conditioning. It also reduces glare, ideal for an office environment where you’re staring at a screen all day. Temperature sensors can even be installed so that the electrical current is applied automatically once a certain temperature level has been reached.

Bespoke Glass Partitions Are Ideal For Projection

An opaque bespoke glass partition is the perfect blank canvas. Completely smooth in nature, a glass partition is the perfect surface for projecting text, images or videos on to. At home, it can transform your living room into a home cinema whilst in an office, it can be a valuable addition to any meeting room. Make a real impact next time you present to a client by projecting your requisite PowerPoint on to the glass partition.