Q. Am I able to install the systems myself?

A. Most of the systems slot and glue together, although some drilling may be required, so this will depend on your confidence and ability however if in doubt simply give us a call.

Q. What types of stainless steel are available?

A. Our range is available in both AISI 304 stainless steel or AISI 316 stainless steel.  AISI 316 is more often called “Marine Grade” stainless steel because of its greater level of nickel and is better suited for external applications and AISI 304 for internal use.

Q. How do I maintain the Steel?

A. Stainless steel is a very durable substance for internal or external handrails or balustrade systems. However like all material it will still require some maintenance to sustain its initial appearance. Certain areas will require more frequent maintenance than others, for example city centres or near the sea where there are high levels of contamination. However a good chemical cleaner will remove any contamination that may potentially affect the durability of the stainless steel. Check out our range of cleaning products or get in touch for more advice

Q. Does stainless steel rust?

A. Like all metals, stainless steel will eventually rust. However speed of this will depend on the environment and whether or not the stainless steel is protected.

Q. Do the various systems meet Building Regulations?

A. Our systems comply with current Building Regulations however we suggest that if you are unsure of your requirements that you check these with your building inspector. Current Building Regulations require varying strengths for Balustrades depending on the application. Our products are tested with the British Standards Institute to ensure systems achieve the necessary loadings in these requirements.

  • The Uniformly Distributed Load (U.D.L) – The U.D.L that the systems can withstand will depend on the  wall thickness and diameter of the tube as well as the spacing of the upright posts in a system. We can help recommend the safest and most suitable solution for your needs.
  • Building Regulations – Building regulations are an important factor to consider to ensure compliance, and more importantly the safety of any system that is installed. Although the final decision your responsibility along with the building inspector we’re  happy to discuss your needs in relation to these regulations.
  • Infill Options – There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the appropriate infill option. We always advise tspeaking to your local authority before installing any system. However it’s worth considering; the thickness of glass, the size of gap around the edge of the glass, whether to use horizontal or vertical running wire or bar the spacing between the wire or rod.
  • Handrail Height – Handrail height can vary depending on its use. The flexibility of G&S systems allows it to be easily altered to whatever height is required.
  • Strength – Different applications require different load requirements. Test certificates are available.

Q. How high should my balustrade be?

A. Current UK Building Regulations suggest they should be 1100mm high, but 900mm high on stairs.

Q. How thick are your handrails?

A. Generally handrails are provided are 42.2mm in diameter but we can supply in 48.3mm.

Q. How many brackets do I need?

A. This will depend on the length of handrail required however as a guide we suggest 2 brackets per 3-metre banisters and 3 brackets to banister hand rails up to 4.25 metres – although obviously this can be changed to your requirements.

Q. Can the handrail brackets be moved?

A. Yes, but additional mounting holes will need to be drilled and tapped.

Q. Are handrails easy to install?

A. Our systems use a push-fit modular installation system which requires the use of a special adhesive. Our balustrade systems will have upright posts with base plates already welded to the post for your convenience. Glass brackets, tension-write fixing and rail brackets require the tube to be drilled or tapped.

Q. What are your lead time?

A. Lead times vary depending on the requirements and production schedule. Please get in touch for a guide on your specific requirements.

Q. What is the maximum length of glass I can order?

A. The standard size from post to post is a glass sheet of 1.2 metre length. For a bespoke design get in touch and we will work with you to produce a system to your desired specification.

Q. How many glass clamps do I need per sheet?

A. 4 glass clamps are required per square metre.

Q. At what point should I instruct my installers to fit the system?

A. It is better to not instruct installers/builders until you have received and checked your all goods have arrived and are undamaged.

Q. Can handrails be used outside?

A. Yes, our systems can be used for both indoor or outdoor use, contact our team if you need advice or help. Standard grades are: Indoor – AISI 304 & Outdoor – AISI 316.

Q. Can the handrail systems be used for commercial premises?

A. Yes, our balustrade systems are versatile and perfect for commercial and retail settings, contact us today for advice on specifying your system.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept debit and credit cards as well as BACs payment. Items will be dispatched once payment is cleared. If you would like to set up a trade account please get in touch.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A. We are open Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 17:00

Q. My order has been arrived but the items are damaged. What should I do?

A. Please get in touch ASAP on the day of delivery so we can advise appropriately.

Q. My order hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

A. Please get in touch ASAP so we can find out what is causing the delay.

The advice indicated here or by any third party is given for assistance only and without liability taken by Glass and Stainless – we always advise to get in touch if you are unsure or have an questions,