Dream Up The Perfect Sun Spot With A Glass Canopy

Here’s one all of the greenhouse owners out there will understand – that feeling your get when you step into your little glass box on a bright, sunny, mild but not necessarily hot day. There is something very soothing about that instant five-degree leap in temperature, enough to make you want to sit there and enjoy it all day. You can achieve a similar feeling by creating the perfect sun spot with a glass canopy.

In the UK, we are all used to that type of bright, sunny day where it is not quite warm enough to sit outside. That is one reason why conservatories and glass box extensions are so popular – they allow you to sit and enjoy the sunshine in comforting indoor warmth even when it remains quite nippy outside.

But what if your funds do not stretch to building a conservatory? What if you do not have the space, or you do not wish to encroach on your garden with an extension? Is your only option for enjoying the best of the spring sunshine sitting in your greenhouse?

A bespoke glass canopy provides an ideal compromise. Commonly seen as features on the front of commercial buildings, glass canopies are increasingly popular with homeowners looking to create a sun-trap in their back garden. In hotter climates, of course, canopies are used to provide welcome shade and respite when the sun gets a little too much.

In the UK, where we are more often concerned with making the most of whatever sunshine we have, the logic is reversed. Building a canopy out of glass panels is the perfect solution.

The Perfect Sun Spot With A Glass Canopy

On commercial premises, glass canopies are largely used to provide a convenient place to shelter from the elements, perhaps whilst lowering an umbrella or shaking off a coat before entering the building. They have the added bonus of looking great, the combination of glass and steel achieving a modern, cutting edge aesthetic.

Glass canopies can be installed on homes for a similar purpose, especially over the front entrance. If you do not have a porch, it provides a convenient shelter whilst putting on shoes or locking the door and so on, plus it adds an attractive feature on the street side of your home.

But in our opinion, the real attraction of installing the perfect sun spot with a glass canopy on your home is for creating a sheltered outdoor seating area. As we have noted, the beauty of glass is that it doesn’t just protect you from the rain, it also allows the sunshine to blaze through, even intensifying its strength.

A canopy has advantages over a conservatory or a glass extension. For one, they are much easier and cheaper to install. The fact that you only need glass panels for the roof with a skeleton support structure reduces the costs and the time they take to build.

Also, only having a glass roof with all sides open means you are creating a bona fide outdoor space, not an extension of your indoor living area. This means you get all the benefits of the fresh air, the sights and sounds of summer, and on the hottest days you can still enjoy a cooling breeze. But on those days when the sun is bright but there is still a chill in the air, you also get the warming benefits of the ‘greenhouse effect’ from the glass roof.

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