Consider Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks are increasingly become a staple feature of the modern kitchen having recently grown rapidly in popularity. Stylish, easy to maintain and with a premium feel, they offer a real alternative to the typical tiling method.

Whatever they are made from, splashbacks are a crucial means of fighting bacteria and water damage in the kitchen. Typically, water (or other liquids) tends to get splashed onto, or condenses onto, the walls. If this water then sits on an unprotected wall it will inevitably start to sink in. Over time this can cause significant damage and give off an unpleasant odour as well as become a hotspot for bacteria.


Glass Splashbacks Are The Practical Option

One of the major advantages of using a glass splashback over traditional tiles is just how easy they are to use. With tiles, the main sticking point is always the grout. Without regular cleaning, the once pristine white can turn mouldy surprisingly quickly. In extreme cases, the grout can itself begin to rot, thus compromising the entire splashback. With a glass splashback you don’t have this issue as the toughened glass is constructed in one piece. This removes the need for grouting and makes it far easier to clean.

Should you wish to alter the look of your kitchen at all, glass splashbacks are a lot easier to remove and replace than a tiled section. You simply need to remove one sheet of toughened glass and replace it with another. Generally the glass can be cut to your specific requirements, including cut out holes for plug sockets and taps.


A Bright And Colourful Addition  

As well as being eminently practical, glass splashbacks can also add a bold pop of colour to any kitchen. Most people choose neutral tones for their kitchen surfaces and cabinets, so a coloured glass splashback can add some much needed interest. Available in a wide range of colours, you can either go bold and create a point of contrast, or choose a more sympathetic shade.

Glass is a naturally reflective material so glass splashbacks are brilliant for brightening up a room and giving the illusion of greater space.  If you have a fairly small kitchen or one without windows, this could be a major plus.

Here at Glass and Stainless UK, we offer glass splashbacks in a wide range of colours that can be tailored designed for your kitchen. Simply get in touch to learn more about our bespoke work.