Combining Glass Floors And Glass Doors

Combining glass floors and glass doors is an excellent way of maximising the levels of light within your property, without compromising on design. A truly timeless material, glass can be used to create both an incredibly contemporary look or to sit sympathetically alongside an older, more historic aesthetic. By using both glass floors and glass doors you can create a light and airy space that is welcoming and pleasant to spend time in, but can also transfer light down into the darker lower levels of a property if necessary.

An Opportunity To Create Something Unique By Combining Glass Floors And Glass Doors

The Infinite Possibilities Of Glass Floors

Whilst the standard clear glass floor and door can look stunning, with a touch of creative flair and willingness to innovate, you can create something that looks out of this world. Glass can be cut into pretty much any shape you like, allowing you to explore a whole range of possibilities. There’s no need to restrict yourself to the expected squares or rectangles.

In a large open plan space, you could use a custom-cut glass floor as a way of guiding occupants and visitors through the space. Imagine a river winding its way through a valley. Bespoke glass can be cut to replicate that sinuous shape, carving its way through the floor and curving around furniture.

A circular glass floor is perfect for enticing people to take a peek at what’s down below. The perfectly round shape brings to mind images of wells, tunnels or telescopes. They’re all things that we’re inexplicably drawn to and want to look down, curious as to what lies on the other end. But what is on the other end? Well, that’s up to you! There might be a whole other room or just a shallow display space in which you can show off your valued possessions and collections.

With some careful planning and drainage, you could take your glass floor one step further and create the appearance of walking on water. Simply place a panel of clear glass over a shallow body of water. You could add a drop of dye to the water to increase the visual impact.

In historic buildings, a glass floor can be used to reveal centuries of history under your feet. By protecting the archaeology or architecture with a glass floor, you can preserve it for future generations whilst also creating a real point of interest within your property.

Tying The Room Together With Glass Doors

Whatever you choose to do with the glass floor can reflected in the design of the glass floor. When combining glass floors and glass doors, it helps to create a consistent aesthetic. If you’ve chosen to use a translucent form of glass, such as frosted or satin, in order to protect people’s privacy, you can easily use the same material in your glass doors.

In regards to decoration, you again have plenty of choice. Advances in technology mean that glass can now be etched with incredibly intricate designs that invite people to look closer and spend time admiring the artwork. In a commercial situation, you might choose to etch your company logo or slogan into any feature glass doors.

For a more instantly eye-catching effect, we would recommend choosing a brightly coloured glass that complements your interior decor.

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