Choosing Your Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Fittings

Choosing your stainless steel glass canopy fittings is important for both achieving a perfect finish and ensuring that the structure is safe and secure. For most standard glass canopies you will be able to purchase a suitable mounting kit containing everything you need. For bespoke stainless steel and glass canopies, it may be necessary to buy the fittings as individual components in order to fit the unusual size glass panels. At Glass & Stainless, we can fulfill your bespoke glass canopy requirements using both either brushed or polish stainless steel.

For long-lasting durability even in the harshest of environments, we choose to use high grade 316 stainless steel for our fittings. In conjunction with connecting rods, our mounts are capable of supporting toughened laminated glass panels up to 1219mm wide, 1829mm long and 13.52mm. Depending on expected local weather conditions, the pitch of the glass panels can be adjusted to allow for greater run-off. Together, our mounting systems offer an elegant solution for both domestic and commercial applications.

When choosing your stainless steel glass canopy fittings, be sure to consider the ease with which they can be installed. If necessary, we can offer professional assistance in fitting your canopy.

Elements To Consider When Choosing Your Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Fittings

During the process of choosing your stainless steel glass canopy fittings, you need to ensure that you have the correct number of these components:

Wall Mounts

For any stainless steel glass canopy, you will require a minimum of 4 four wall mounts. Two sit high on the supporting wall whilst the other two are placed just below the point at which the glass meets the wall.

Wall mounts actually compromise of two components. The part that is drilled into the wall or glass is oval in shape and relatively flat. It provides the support. The other component is a pivot which can be adjusted on site to ensure that the connecting rods are fitted at the perfect angle.

The standard angle that we would recommend for the top wall mount is approximately 43 degrees but you are free to choose an angle that best supports your bespoke glass canopy. However, do not choose an angle below 35 degrees as the connecting rod becomes too steep. The wall mounts that sit underneath the glass will sit at an almost 90 degree angle, varying depending on how steep you wish the glass itself to be.

Connecting Rods

Stainless steel connecting rods are fitted at an angle between the wall mounts and the glass mounts to hold up the glass. The wider the glass panel, the longer the length of connecting rod required.

Universal Wall Mounted Glass Awnings

An alternative to the rod and pivoting wall mounts system are universal wall mounted glass awnings. In this system, stainless steel arm supports run underneath the glass panels themselves and are affixed along the edges. These arm wall mounts are available in a number of different lengths, suitable for a variety of glass panel sizes.


If you would like further assistance in choosing your stainless steel glass canopy fittings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Glass & Stainless have experts on hand who can answer questions regarding your unique specifications and requirements.