Choosing Your Glass Stair Railing System

Glass staircases have become a hugely popular addition to interior designs seeking a cutting edge contemporary feel.

Glass balustrades and, for the most daring, glass treads offer a fantastic way to install a staircase without darkening and boxing off spaces. The free movement of light through glass maintains the feel of open space, bright and inviting.

Stainless steel stair handrails complement glass balustrades perfectly because, like glass, stainless steel is a material which makes the most of light. By reflecting light, polished steel surfaces increase the feel of brightness in a given space. Taken together, stainless steel and glass staircases therefore create a stunning visual effect.

There are many different options available for combining glass balustrades with stainless steel handrails. Stainless handrail systems come in many different shapes and styles, and there are different options for where and how they are fixed to the balustrade.

Many stainless steel railing solutions are modular, meaning you can mix and match products to tailor your own unique design. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

All Square Posts

Emphasise each and every glass balustrade panel with square posts dividing them. To complete this enclosed look, why not top the panels with a square stainless steel handrail? This design makes use of discrete fittings to leave the glass surface of the balustrades unblemished, while you could vary the thickness of the stainless rail and posts according to how prominent you want the metal to be in your design.

Top Rail Handrails

For a more minimalist effect, use stainless handrails on top of the balustrades only to hold the design in place without the need for posts. This gives a sleek, stripped back look with nothing interrupting lines of sight through the glass panels. Stick to a square rail for an edgy, angular finish, or smooth things off with rounded tubes.

In the Middle

An alternative to a top rail is to place a stainless steel handrail along the face of the glass balustrade. The rail is attached by stainless steel brackets, with fittings available in a wide variety of different styles and sizes to further customise your design. Combining with posts makes for straightforward fixing of the rail without touching the glass. Alternatively, a no post balustrade with a handrail fixed directly to the glass makes for a striking look.

Opposites Attract

You don’t always have to put glass and steel close together to achieve a stunning effect in a staircase. Create an eye catching separation by attaching a stainless steel rail to a wall, with a postless glass balustrade on the opposite side of the staircase.

To find out more, contact Glass & Stainless to discuss your options with our G-RAIL range of balustrades and railings. As with everything we supply, the G-RAIL systems have been tested by independent engineers to establish exactly which design, tube size, thickness, upright centres and fittings will be safest for your installation.