Choosing Glass Door Designs For Wardrobes

If your wardrobe is looking a bit old, tired and dated, you may want to consider fitting sparkling new glass doors. They’re perfect for adding a touch of elegance, class and splendour to your bedroom. With bespoke glass, you can choose from a wide range of styles and finishes, all of which can be precisely cut to size.

Your first decision will focus on the doors’ opening mechanism. Essentially, your options are sliding or outward opening. The former is a brilliant space-saver and works particularly well for larger fitted units. Alternatively, outward opening doors work well on traditional free-standing wardrobes.

A Practical Mirrored Glass

A mirrored glass door design for wardrobes has one quite obvious practical advantage — the wardrobe can double as a mirror. This means you don’t necessarily need one anywhere else in the room, saving you previous wall and surface space. Handily, a wardrobe fronted mirror is highly likely to be full length, always the best option when it comes to mirrors. No more squatting and jumping to assess your full outfit!

A less obvious advantage of using a mirrored glass door design for wardrobes is its innate reflective qualities. Large mirrors are brilliant for making smaller spaces appear larger than they are. With a bit of clever and well-thought out positioning, this effect can be further enhanced by maximising the amount of light that hits the glass during the day. This light is then reflected around the room, making it appear brighter and more welcoming.

Taking A Risk With Clear Glass

A rarer and more unusual glass door design for wardrobes involves clear glass. Completely translucent, this type of glass door is probably not suitable for the messy and disorganised. All your clothes will be on display for anyone to see and subsequently judge your organisation skills. If you do like to keep everything neat and tidy however, these could be the doors for you. The impact of seeing perfectly laid out and organised clothing through clear glass doors can be quite striking, especially paired with a solid black frame.

Adding That Finishing Touch

Plain glass can make a strong enough statement on its own, but there is nothing stopping you from adding an extra touch of pizzazz. Glass etching can look achingly beautiful in its delicacy. If you wish to maintain the practical advantages of having a mirrored wardrobe, why not choose a gorgeously intricate border design?

Wherever you place it, we can provide you with a completely bespoke design. Traditional, minimalistic, art deco, we can do it all. To create a truly cohesive look, we suggest that you find other decorative elements within your current décor which can then be complemented in the etching.

Glass and Stainless can create your perfect glass door design for wardrobes, whatever your stylistic preferences. Contact us today to learn more about how they could be utilised in your home.