How Best to Use Bespoke Glass

Whatever the project, things always feel so much better with design and installation work when you can create with freedom.

Off the shelf, prefabricated products might offer convenience, but you are restricted in where and how you can use them. What if the space you are working with does not fit the dimensions available? What if the shape is irregular?

One of the reasons glass is so popular in building and design is the flexibility it offers. Bespoke glass services mean you can get panels cut to order precisely to suit the size and style you need. Not only does it give you freedom and control, it is also cost effective. And to make it even more convenient and easy, nowadays you can order bespoke glass online.

So when might bespoke glass be the ideal solution? Here are some examples of how to use bespoke glass to the best of its potential.

Glass Balustrades

Installing glass balustrades around a patio or decked area, on a balcony or balconette, or even on an interior landing, can create a stunning visual effect. But it is unlikely that pre-cut glass panels will fit the area exactly, and people can sometimes assume it would be too expensive to opt for a bespoke solution. This is not the case. Bespoke cut-to-measure glass is cost effective and straightforward, meaning you can get the perfect balustrade any place you wish.


If you want to open or brighten up an interior space, an all glass staircase can be the perfect way to make a statement in your home or office. Staircase balustrade systems are often manufactured at a standard height, but what if you want to go all the way and have glass treads as well? The width of these will vary from installation to installation, so bespoke cutting is the only option.


Glass partitions can seem quite a functional way to divide interior spaces. But with a little creativity and imagination, they can be used to create an exciting design feature in their own right. Choosing textured, patterned or coloured glass can help you make more of a simple partition. These specialised glass types are available through good bespoke glass cutting services.

Shower Screens and Fittings

Revamping a bathroom with a new shower or adding an en suite to a bedroom are two of the most common home refurbishment projects people embark on. Often these will involve squeezing showers into little nooks and crannies to make the most of the space available, with dimensions and shapes which don’t suit prefabricated cubicles. Don’t let that put you off, however – glass shower fixtures and fittings can be easily made to measure.


As with glass partitions, don’t make the mistake of thinking a splashback on a hob or range has to be purely functional. It offers a fantastic opportunity to add a touch of style and something unique to your kitchen, so take it. Again, look at options such as patterned or coloured glass, or at stencils and prints you can add. Have the glass cut to measure, taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce different shapes.