The Benefits of Buying Cut to Measure Bespoke Glass Online

The home decor market has changed considerably over the past half century. We might call this the ‘Ikea effect’ – a rise in demand for out-of-the-box, pre-fabricated solutions which are cheap, convenient and quick. A far cry from the bespoke glass requests that we are strive to fulfil more and more of.

This suits many people for many different purposes. But the problem with a one-size-fits-all approach to home refurbishment is that, well, all of our homes are not the same size. When it comes to giving our home interiors a revamp, many of us find we have unusual little nooks and crannies that no off-the-shelf product quite seems to fit.

And what about stamping a little individuality onto our homes? What if we want to do something different, make a bit of a statement?

Cut glass can have all sorts of uses in our homes – stairwell balustrades, shower screens, sliding doors, table tops, and then out in the garden around decking and patios, or to create a balcony. It can be used to stunning effect in all sorts of situations.

But buying pre-cut, fixed size panels takes away some of the flexibility which makes glass such a useful and effective material in our homes. For that reason plus many more, ordering cut-to-size bespoke pieces online can often make the most sense. Here are just some of those reasons.

Bring your vision to life

As soon as you start buying pre-cut materials, you have to start compromising on the design you had in mind. Buying cut to measure glass means you keep complete control and shape the design the way you want. Bespoke glass means you can not only accommodate those awkward spaces, you can also create unusual shapes and effects.

Greater choice

With cut to measure glass services, you often get a greater choice of product compared with what is available off the shelf. From different grades and thicknesses of toughened or laminated glass, to a wider choices of colours and finishes, bespoke cut glass gives you more freedom and flexibility.

Save money

Online cut to measure glass services can offer fantastic value. The savings in premises overheads a company can make operating a single warehouse and workshop offering delivery nationwide gets passed onto the customer in the form of lower product prices.

Find what you need, regardless of location

You may have difficulty finding a specialist glass cutter offering the products and services you need in your local area. Rather than having to travel long distances, online services deliver what you need straight to your door. This means you can choose cutters with best reputation, who use the very latest precision cutting technology, even if they are located at the opposite end of the country.

Secure delivery

One thing you want to be sure about when purchasing glass panels is that they arrive at your home in one piece. With an online trader, you know they offer delivery, and that your goods will be fully protected against damage in transit. At Glass and Stainless we deliver using our own transport to ensure the fastest and safest mode of transport.