Bespoke Glass Ideas For An Outdoor Seating Area

Spring may not have arrived just yet, but with the days starting to lengthen and the first signs
of life reappearing as snowdrops and crocuses make their presence known, you can be
forgiven for turning your thoughts to the warmer months ahead.

Many people use late winter and early spring to assess their outdoor spaces and do
whatever work is required in advance so they are all ready to enjoy the warm weather when
it (hopefully!) arrives. One thing you might be tempted to do is revamp your outdoor seating

A new patio or decking can transform a garden, giving you a fresh new space you can look
forward to using to host family and friends through the summer. Alternatively, you might wish
to refresh what you already have. And here is where glass can be just the ticket.
If you already have a patio or a raised deck, a glass balustrade makes sense for both
aesthetic and practical reasons. In terms of the former, glass balustrades look great. Rather
than worrying about digging up and replacing an old seating area, glass balustrades can
give the space a new lease of life with a fresh, contemporary look.

There are two main types of glass balustrade, post and clamp and frameless. Post and
clamp systems combine stainless steel posts with glass panels clamped in place between
them. The combination of transparent glass and bright, gleaming steel appeals to many
people, and they may also choose to install a metal handrail on top. Frameless glass balustrades
do not make use of posts at all, instead attaching glass panels to a channel at the base.
Some people prefer the uninterrupted lines of sight these give.

Affordable And Effective Bespoke Glass Ideas For An Outdoor Seating Area

From a practical point of view, glass balustrades represent an affordable but effective way to
spruce up an outdoor space. Especially on raised decks, they improve safety and the use of
toughened laminated glass means they are as reliable and durable as any other material.
The beauty of glass is, because it is transparent, you can still sit on your patio or deck and
enjoy the view beyond without a wall getting in the way.

Another bespoke glass idea for an outdoor seating area to spruce it up this spring is to build a glass
veranda or canopy. Rather enclosing the boundary like a balustrade does, a canopy leaves
the sides open and instead covers it over.

Canopies often serve two purposes, providing shelter from inclement weather and shade
when the sun gets too strong. But with a climate like ours, while you often find a need for the
former, there are not too many times when you want to block out the sun. You are more
likely to want to make the most of it while you can.

A glass canopy achieves the best of both worlds, shelter from sudden bouts of drizzle when
the weather, as it so often is, is changeable, but no obstruction when the sun out. Overall, a glass veranda provides a bright but sheltered retreat where you can sit and enjoy the best of
the British summer.

If these bespoke glass ideas for an outdoor seating area have peaked your interest, contact Glass & Stainless today to discuss how we can help you