Making an Extension Work Outside And In

For home improvers who are serious about getting the most from their property, an extension can be an excellent way to add value as well as open up extra living space.

But as people tend to build extensions focusing on what they do for the interior of their homes, they often miss opportunities for creating exciting new spaces on the exterior as well.

A great example of what can be achieved came from a client of ours in Northwich, Cheshire. They undertook a major project to build an extension stretching across three quarters of the rear of their property, complete with an ultra-modern showpiece space built from an attractive array of curved glass sliding doors.

As you can see from the pictures, the effect was stunning from the outside, as well as creating a bright, modern new living space inside. But on this occasion, the owners were not satisfied settling for this.

Roof terrace

We were brought in because they decided to make the most of the roof space created by the extension and turn part of it into a terraced seating area. A window in a rear facing gable end was turned into a French window for access. Glass & Stainless was contracted to install a balustrade around the terrace.

Unlike an existing raised terrace or a balcony, the roof of this extension was designed to host a seating area. There was therefore no obvious structure on which to secure balustrade posts, and a further complication was that we had to be careful about piercing the waterproof membrane which protected in the interior of the structure.

In this case, then, we had to use specially designed free-standing balustrade posts. They were custom made from 316 grade stainless steel, also known as ‘marine grade’ because of its high corrosion resistance. We used the same grade for all fixtures and fittings, ensuring all visible steel would not tarnish or degrade over time.

For the balustrade panels, we wanted to create an effect in keeping with the design of the whole extension, so we opted for curved Satinovo glass. Satinovo is a highly sought after type of frosted glass created by a special process known as acid etching. This leaves the surface of the glass satin smooth and resistant to blemishes caused by dirt and fingerprints. So as well as adding a little privacy to the terraced area, the Satinovo glass panels provide a brilliant sheen which will for years with minimal maintenance – just like the 316 grade stainless steel posts and fittings.

The choice of curved glass panels was really the icing on the cake. Keen to capture the same aesthetic feel as the central rounded feature of the extension, we felt that sharp, boxy angles would look slightly out of place. The curved panels also required a curved handrail, which was again custom made from 316 grade stainless steel.

Finally, just to finish off the whole area, we also installed a canopy over the French windows, using the same Satinovo frosted glass with steel fittings.