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How To Fit A Glass Balustrade For Easy Installation

Wondering how to fit a glass balustrade for easy installation? Look no further! We’ve broken the process down into four easy steps: Measuring and marking Installing the support posts Attaching the glass clamps Fitting the glass clamps The installation method will vary slightly depending on your choice of material for the underlying surface For example, […]

Making the Most of Your Glass Box Extension

It is official – conservatories are out, glass boxes are most definitely in. If you want to add an extension to your home and stay right on trend, it simply has to be bespoke glass. But can you make the most of your glass box extension? Ok, so glass boxes, conservatories – they can be […]

A Guide to Types of Privacy Glass

From bathrooms to office cubicles,  bespoke privacy glass has a wide and varied range of applications for domestic and commercial purposes. Also known in the trade as obscure glass, this name perhaps provides a better clue to how it functions – obscuring a view through window panels whilst still allowing the light in. So wherever […]

How to Create a Pinterest Perfect Bathroom with Bespoke Glass

Pinterest, the image-based social media site, has transformed how people approach interior design. Now enthusiastic DIY home improvers automatically turn to the platform for inspiration, using the hundreds and thousands of images posted to the site from around the world to formulate their own grand designs, including bespoke glass. The phenomenon has even given rise […]

Invite the Outside in With External Glass Sliding Doors

External doors play an important role in keeping the interior of your home safe, warm and protected from the elements. But for many people, the downside is you are shutting off the outside world, blocking natural light and obscuring attractive views of your garden and whatever lies beyond. External glass sliding doors offer the best […]

5 Reasons To Install A Glass Floor In Your Home

It is a safe and structurally sound material Helps you to preserve any historical features Allows light into dark spaces Sets your house apart from others Shows off your collection whilst saving on space Stunning to behold and certainly practical, glass floors are perfect for maximising light and use of space within your home. Suitable […]

6 Reasons To Install A Glass Canopy

Protect visitors from adverse weather Protect yourself from harsh sunlight Material doesn’t obscure architectural details Maintains the natural light by the entrance Compliments other glass architectural features Ability to add additional decorative details Glass canopies are an attractive yet highly practical architectural feature which is typically located over a building’s entrance. Made from toughened glass, […]

4 Misconceptions About Glass Floors

Over the years at Glass & Stainless, in our conversations about glass floors, we’ve found that similar misunderstandings arise time and time again. Not everyone is aware of just how strong glass is as a building material, or how many decorative possibilities it provides. To help you out, we’ve responded to 4 more of the […]

Glass Floor Designs

When it comes to flooring, glass floors are the ultimate in modern sophisticated. Incredibly beautiful, glass floor designs come in an outstanding variety, from the clean and simple to the intricately elegant. We use toughened glass supported by metal frames to ensure strength and durability, meaning that you can use glass floor pretty much wherever […]

Skylights For Flat Roofs

When it comes to skylights, you aren’t limited by the pitch of your roof. Skylights for flat roofs certainly exist and they can be used to brilliant effect, allowing natural light to pour into your property. In some circumstances a more elevated pyramid skylight or roof lantern may be more suitable, but subtle skylights for […]