Advantages Of Using Toughened Glass Panels Cut To Size

If you’re purchasing a bespoke glass panel cut to size for use as architectural glazing, it will almost certainly be made from toughened glass. Whether you’re creating a glass door, floor or wall, they all use toughened glass. But why? In short, because it offers improved safety and far greater strength than standard annealed glass. This makes it ideal for use in both residential and commercial properties.

To create toughened glass, standard annealed glass is heated to roughly 650ºC in a furnace. At such incredibly high temperatures the glass begins to soften. At this crucial stage, the glass is rapidly cooled. The surface of the glass will cool far more quickly than the inner layers, which remain hot. The differing temperatures of glass cause tension to develop between the internal and external layers. It is this central tension that gives toughened glass its remarkable strength, holding the glass together even as external pressures act upon it.

Advantages Of Toughened Glass Panels Cut To Size


Compared to standard annealed glass, toughened glass is up to five times stronger. It is capable of holding up under approximately 10,000lbs per square inch and can tolerate strong weather conditions, meaning that it is suitable for external use. As well as being able to withstand physical pressure, toughened glass is also far more resistant to thermal pressure thanks to the unique heating process it has undergone. Bathrooms often feature toughened glass for this reason.

The central tension within toughened glass means that the outer layers are always being drawn together, closing up any weaknesses within the surface. Subsequently, toughened glass is highly scratch resistant, making it ideal for use in tables and cabinets which get a lot of wear and tear.


There’s a reason why toughened glass can be found in everything from car windscreens to bus stops, mobile phone screen protectors to diving masks. Along with laminated glass, it’s one of the safest options out there. When standard annealed glass cracks under pressure, it splinters into large and jagged shards that can inflict real damage on people and property. In stark contrast, on the rare occasion that toughened glass does break, the resulting pieces are far smaller and have rounded edges. As a result, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. That applies to both the initial break and the following clear up.

Cut To Size

With toughened glass panels, cut to size is a must. The all-important tension that gives toughened glass its distinctive strength also prevents it from being cut without shattering. Once the glass panel has undergone the heating and cooling process you cannot make any adjustments so double check all your measurements before ordering. If in doubt, the expert Glass & Stainless team are more than happy to measure up for you.

At Glass & Stainless we have years of experience working with toughened glass panels cut to size, designing, producing and installing them in many different forms. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help transform your property.